Mike Once Agian

Soo-ho-ho-ho as you all may know I dislike the Washington Post and newspaper in general has gone completely done the journalistic toliet in my humble opinion but Tarik El-Bashir of Capitals Insider, AKA my mortal enemy, reported that Mike Green is going to be on an episode of MTV Cribs, face palm but I digress I’ve seen his Redline Monday Cribs thing I am not incrediably interested in that I’ve seen what there is to see.

What caught my attention is that the Post basically said “Mike Green’s” now immortal website is legit in not so many words. Okay I’m not sold because I’m basically thinking the Post has completely disregarded the most basic of journalistic standards the proper fact check as usual. I really really need to hear someone like Mike or a part of the actual Capitals administration or a newspaper USE it’s fact checkers and say “and we talked to blah blah blah who confirms that the site is yada yada…”

Until then you’ve not got me sold.

Plus I had no idea Cribs was still on TV. That’s how hip I am.


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