Because There’s Nothing Happening

There is absolutely NOTHING going on in Caps hockey. While there is a lot going on outside the Capitals world; MORE extremely long front loaded contracts being signed, and NHLPA is basically falling apart.

In fact there are only a few things going on in the Caps world and it isn’t exactly news. Mainly Mike Mike Mike. Hockey is my Boyfriend discovered through extensive effort that Mike Green’s (?) website is in fact, drum roll please,…

More pictures from the Russian Olympic camp:


This was my personal favorite. (I still can’t believe that’s Semin; well hello)

In Mike Green/New Haircuts news: Mike has a very square head I realize/is bringing back Johnny’s hair cut.

My convention passes came in the mail yesterday. Their beautiful. But the letter that came with it stated that we aren’t allowed to choose what players we get autographs from and we aren’t allowed to take photos at the table. Okay so there’s only three players I wouldn’t want to meet and I can deal with two of them if there with some one else. The only player I couldn’t stand to meet is Nyls.

Then it says there will be opportunities through out the day to take pictures with both former and current Cappies which I’m not overly sure what that means.

I’m very excited plus I may finally get my self a jersey if they have the womens sizes because as several people can attest to even the small men’s (or jersey purest) jerseys are really large on me; arm’s two inches past my hands, I could fit another of me in there width wise, and actual torso length too short. I’m tall and skinny and makes being clothing a pain in the butt, I have to sew up any hockey t-shirts I buy to my size which is a bit diffucult in a jersey huh?

But WORST is deciding who to get on the back! I don’t know I can’t choose! Semin? Laich? Brads? Stecks? Gordo?! I can’t choose I love them all. And, don’t forget we have Knuble now. I suppose I could get a blank one but it just doesn’t seem as right. I keep trying to decide but you have no idea how long I’ve been trying to seeing as I’ve been deciding since my Dad took my first choice a Olie jersey when we still had black and gold. I’m really bad at making desicions. Suggestions anyone?


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