Capitals Crafties

While you were wasting your Friday evening doing silly things, like going to parties and football games, WE were doing something useful and important. Anna and I decided to make bracelets of a Capitals theme. At least, that’s how it started out. By the end of five hours of work, we  had ended up with not only Capitals-themed bracelets, but also Blackhawks and other random players. What started out as simple endeavor of just few bracelets, ended up with us each having at least  twenty. And, of course, we know you want to see them, sooooo….

(Meghan’s are on the left; mine are on the right)





This would be mine (Anna’s) second Backstrom, since the first one, I failed to realize I had put the K before the C in Nicky’s name.



Please note the ghetto, drawn-in R (Anna).


Meghan: I made this one seeing as I think Security Blanket is highly under rated.




Morrisonn has wayyy too many letters in his name (Anna).


Hah, Ovie was the very last one I did. I actually forgot about him. Opps. (Anna)

Meghan: I skipped him on purpose.




Stecks’ letters are different since the white letter beads I bought (two packages, might I add) deemed it only important to have TWO Cs it, both of which were used for Laich and Capitals, though the packages did have about fifteen Us. (Anna)



Meghan: Because of our love of the Blackhawks can’t be stifled.


Meghan: Okay let me explain the whole ‘Potsy’ thing; I’ve been calling Kane this for a bit now becuase frankly Kane looks like a Potsy doesn’t he?





Meghan: This was mine note the very awesome blue beads I colored with a sharpie from white.


Meghan: Because, Nicki is a fudgeball.


This nondescript Staal one represents all the Staals, I guess. At least, Baby Staal, Eric, and Jordan. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Marc. (Anna)


Meghan: This is a bracelet I plan on making some day to give to Nicki however I ran out of string and I doubt Nicklas’s wrist is the same size as mine. The ‘panda’s thing is my secret suspicion Nicki loves pandas.

Final count: Anna – 20, Meghan – 19

I think this pretty much speaks for itself; we obviously have the most exciting lives. You also may have noticed this is the first collaborative post Anna and I have written together.

– Anna & Meghan

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