Rookie Camp is A-Go

Meghan and I are definitely going to rookie camp on Monday, and now that they’ve released the roster, I’m especially excited. Some of the highlights of the roster (for me, anyways) are: Casavant, Eakin (!), Gustafsson, Kugryshev, Carlson, Flemming, Mestery, Holtby, Neuvirth, and… VARLY!

Mhm. It’s going to be quite a day. Expect tweets from me on the The Hockey Chronicles official Twitter account, and maybe more, depending on what Meghan and I can cook up. I am soooo excited, even if I’m going to be half-doing my homework. I cannot wait.

Also, we are (hopefully) sticking around for the informal veteran skate, so expect news from that, too.

– Anna

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