Because I Had to Cook

So I was left to my own devices this evening and seeing as I am of the school “Wait to the last minute then see what you have in your pantry then throw together what ever smells/sounds good” of culinary arts I decided to make burgers which had me thinking about this;

Aw I miss Brashear he’s so terrifying. Too bad I was out of buns and had to use toast thanks to Mike Green I now know which bun goes where, thank you Senior Bachelor-Face.

I’m very excited to be going to rookie camp tomorrow. I was extremely surpirsed to see Varlamov on the rookie roster seeing as he got a fair bit of pro ice time last year and I wasn’t expecting the Capitals to make him go.

It was really funny watching my dad try to process the idea of informal practice. It was like he thought it physically impossible for any of the players to come in to town before next weekend. Like once season ends they were kicked out and weren’t allowed back in until the 12th. This is pretty much how our converstation went.

“So yeah we’re going to rookie camp.”

“But camp is next week.”

“Its ROOKIE camp.”

“But camp is next week”


“Oh so the older guys won’t be there?”

“Well theres an INFORMAL practice after.”

“But camp is next week.”

“Yeah but the guys in town have to practice.”

“But camp is next week”

*I walk away*

“But, I don’t understand…”

However I think pretty much all the players are in town. The Canadians and Americans I think have been in town for a bit and Ovie should be there tomorow.

I’m not sure if we’ll being staying for the informal practice or at least not the entire informal practice. But, I am very prepared. I have two cameras this time so when my one with the recharchable battery dies I can use the other that eats double A’s like Kyle Wellwood in a donut shop.

Oh and I told my father about his birthday present; passes to the Capitals conventions. Imagine the opposite of this:

I think he realizes I just used his birthday as an excuse to buy them and my mom going “I hope you meet Brooks Laich!” *drool* was no help.

Expect many posts and photos tommorow after rookie camp and feel free to follow our shenagins through out the day on which is where Anna will be saying her thoughts and where I will be posting mine along with a picture or two. Have a good Labor day!



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2 responses to “Because I Had to Cook

  1. Lulu

    Enjoy Rookie Camp! If you see Brooks …or I suppose the new guy they picked up from the Canucks will suffice… at the informal practice, steal him and give me about two hours to get there to pick him up.

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