Effing Players! and Tales From the Elevator

So you about to hear the most fascinating story involving people in an elevator that does not involve free falls or emergency child birth. Anna and I had been left to our own devices while my father had left the veterans informal practice early, bad idea pop-eroni bad idea, well after creeping around a while which I will talk about in a second, we decided to leave. We walked out and in front of us also exiting Kettler was a group of four prospects; Holtby, Eakin, Carlson, and another one that neither Anna and I can remember who it was, poor kid we were so dazzled by Hotlby and Eakin respectively we didn’t even bother to see who it was. And Carlson is so freaking big its pretty hard to ignore him. Well after Holtby didn’t bother to hold two different sets of door for us like polite people in polite society do we we’re standing in the elevator corridor just those four and us two and only one elevator came up so we all got in. At least that time they did make sure the elevator doors didn’t try to cut me in half because the elevators at Kettler open and close ridiculously fast. I think I may have managed to squeak out a ‘thank you’ because that is what polite people in polite society do. It was all of a twenty second ride since we had parked only one level down but the fact I didn’t attempt to kidnap Holtby in that time is quite the success in itself.

Now down to the rest of the day; We got there a half a hour early seeing as we made a mistake on taking the HOV lane which makes it impossible to get on the exit to Glebe from 95 so we took a bit longer than we would have but there wasn’t really anyone there so we froze in the same seats we enjoyed at development camp and goofed off until the Baby Caps came out.. Well they practiced drills for a while. They were kind of in groups wearing different color practice jerseys; my personal favorite being the Grey jerseys which was Eakin/Casavant/Kugy. The two goalies practicing today were Holtby and Varly. Neuvirth was there but he and Varly were alternating practices so he didn’t play. And apparently the two random kids in white jerseys with no names on the back were BRUCES BOYS which I found out way after the fact and was a bit annoyed with myself because I know what Ben looks like but I didn’t recognize him. I didn’t even know Andy existed.

So they took a break and Anna and I spent a ridiculously long time in line getting food and by the time we got back in there the practice scrimmage had already started. They scrimmaged then did pacers/suicides depending on what you call them. I thought Dubuc was going to throw up towards the last couple pacers and the Janesky or how ever you spell his name, boy from Richmond, was slower than the goalies and practically passing out. I enjoy watching others suffer those damn things. Well the players exited not through the lockers but Zamboni exit which was near our seats so we got a good look at them. My father had a ten minute argument with me on what is on top of Holtby’s helmet.
“Did he play for Stanford?”
“What? Why?”
“Well he has a cardinal on top of his mask.”
“Thats the Hershey Bear.”
“No thats a cardinal.”
“No its not its a BEAR!”
Anna pops in “Umm thats definatly the bear.”
“Yeah dad its the bear on top, the eagle on the one side, HERSHEY choclate dudes on the other.”
He gets up walks over to the railing and looks at Holtby that way then comes back. “Thats a cardinal.”
“I’ll believe you when you show me a cardinal with claws and a muzzle.”
“But it doesn’t look the bear on Varly’s mask.”
See what I live with?

After that the place pretty much emptied out and didn’t even really fill back up for the veterans practice a couple minutes later, so we watched them with out half of the bleachers pretty much to ourselves. Brooks Laich, Brendan, mind you,Morrison, Knuble, Steckel, Erskine, Mo, Gordon (If only he wasn’t married!), Clark, Bradley, Green, Sloan, Shultz,(and if I’m forgetting one of them I apologize) with Neuvirth playing goalie on one side and Stetch, of the duo Vogal and Stretch, on the other. Theydid drills with Mr. Steckel being a Senior Bossy Pants and running them. Then they did a half ice scrimmage so Anna and I had to move to the other side to watch properly and those seats were all squished because so had everyone else.

Okay so I was keen on getting a picture of Brooks Laich partically because my mom loves her some Cougar Bait. Well I swear that man made it much more difficult then it should have been therefore I kept muttering F-ing Brooks! under my breath every time he turned his head in the middle of my taking a picture so I know have many a good picture of the back of his head. And he seemed to have looked straight at our section of bleachers like twenty times to rub it in.

One particularly time that was funny was when they had all just came out and Mo comes out and looks straight at Anna and I and gets a mega confused look on his face like “Wait whaaat? People want pictures of ME?!” you poor self depreciating man. Though Anna said it wasn’t any where near as creepy as before Rookie Camp started and Varly staring at the bleachers the entire time he was walking around the opposite side of the rink. Maybe we Americans were so terrible looking he just couldn’t look away. Okay I’m putting my bitter pants away now.

Once the guys packed it up we went over to that hallway near the lockers and seeing as we didn’t have anything to get signed just took close up pictures of Brooks and Mo who came over while we where there. Then we walked out to see several of the prospects just then leaving; Varly and Kugy, Flemming, and of course Carlson, Holtby, and Eakin.

Got back home and went through my pictures/registered for SATs. Attention Baby Caps/Caps quick message; Remember me because if I fail completely I have no moral issues what so ever with marrying rich. Just keep it mind.

And now for pictures:


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