Potsy What Will You Say Next?

Had to return to classes today. Big whoopee doo. Not much going on in the hockey world so this will be a rant post..

I really wish Varly wasn’t so adorable. I really do. I’m still angry at that man. http://capitals.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?catid=-6&id=45978 It doesn’t help that when I saw him at rookie camp he was being all buddy buddy with Kugy who I adore.

Something from Twitter the NHL official feed was interview a bunch of players for the media week in NY for the website. Kane said “NHL players are good looking.” Who even brought up such a question that could lead to such an answer? I mean true very true but awkward. I mean sure we all make gay implications and double entendres and jokes in regards to our both favorite and most hated players every once in a while, don’t pretend you don’t! But, wow huh embrace it Potsy, embrace it.

Am I the only one who found the fact NHL.com put the story about Crosby and that old women in THREE different places on the main page quite excesive? A tab that was the main tab for a while, right under that in the top videos/shows and top headlines box.

I didn’t watch it but yeah we get it; sweet old lady likes Crosberry, cute story, we love old people their adorable, sometimes a little creepy. I get it that its the lady who was fawning over him last year and it was a return visit okay cute.Yeah he brought the Stanley Cup because she was all like “We’re gonna win it this year!” last season: Sickeningly sweet.

I mean Anna once showed me the video from the first trip, why she even had watched it to begin with don’t ask me, and yeah she was one framed pictures lit from above next to a picture of Jesus in a hallway away from Mario Lemiuex thinking “Maybe we shouldn’t send Sid out” yeah cute whatever but THREE THINGS IS TWO TOO MANY!

And, can I make a motion to have our team send out our players to deliver the season tickets? I mean yeah I can’t afford them (Remember the good old days when Papa H’s work bought the couporate package so the employees got free tickets and put Papa H in charge of it because he was the only hockey fan so we got all the best tickets and free stuff like my Nicki signed mini jersey? Remember when they didn’t renew the tickets last year because Papa H was the only hockey fan?) it so but I’d be highly motivated to ruin my bank account if say Brooks Laich or Alex Semin or pretty much anyone else on the Caps were delivering my season tickets to me.

In a random but extremely annoying note I may or may not have total destroyed my Washburn, which is my acoustic guitar, good goody gumdrops thats all I need right now. Come back hockey please do! Return some source of happiness to my life.


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