Seriously Are We There Yet?

It would seem that some Cane’s fans and bloggers are thinking that this is the Canes year to take those pesky Captials and their young guns down. I actually don’t incredible disagree with the overall idea that the Cane’s could possibly this year or next become some serious competition. I mean out of the South East divison the Canes and the Caps are the only two real contenders for the next season. I mean sure the Lightening have their super Swede Viktor Hedman (Mmmm) and all but at this moment the Canes and Caps are, and have for the past couple years been, the only two teams in this division to give a crap about if your another team.

But, there was a bit of faulty logic in some of this reasoning. Mainly that our young guns can only plateau or go down hill from here. Sure Ovechkin honestly can’t have too much room for improvement; one can only be the best there is no bestest. But honestly can there is huge and untapped potential from the others. Alexander Semin if he can keep healthy for an entire season he would easily be right up there with Ovechkin in points after all the had a career high 79 points in sixty some games this past season and make it almost the full eighty we could have quite the duo on our hands. Nicklas Backstrom is constistantly improving his game the past few seasons and he’s apparently getting svelte (if the Post gets to use that word now I do too) on the off season exercising two times a day (NOOOO! Stay a fudgeball Nicki!) Mike Green is breaking regular season records left and right for defensemen and doesn’t, I mean hadn’t, shown any signs of slowing down.

I’m no prognosticator, I can barely pass basic math let alone run a bunch of players stats against each other to properly figure out the actual stats of who will do what, and everyone and their mother are doing preseason previews of their teams so I’m not going to do it on this blog. I mean honestly how many times can you read a bunch of posts saying things along the lines of “Looks like the Capitals are going to be the top of their division… Semin could be awesome if healthy… Knuble=good… blah blah…”? Yeah I get it. Though do expect a post of my muttered prayers and hopes to the hockey gods in the coming weeks.

I personally don’t like the actual Canes being well the only real South East divison competition we have; I mean Cam Ward is a great goalie (and a cutie) and Eric Staal is the only Staal I’ve ever bothered to actually call by his actual first name so I’ve obviously got some respect for the team.

And aw poor Tim Thomas first Semin snipes you from the blue line then you find out Henrik Lundy (drools) rates above you when it comes to getting pictures taken;
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(I have no idea if that embedded or not so here is the link

Another story from Rookie Camp on Monday. My dad had come along and he doesn’t do sitting still well (this is where I get it from folks) so he decided to get up and walk around the pro shop/lobby/top tier area a bit. Now if you been to Kettler you know that on the farthest side of bleachers (where we were sitting) are a set stairs down that lead both back to the main lobby, and another hallway with like changing rooms that connects to the regular public rink, but if you go in the opposite direction also to the players locker room. Now usually theres like a chain on the stairs or somebody watching to make sure no one is sneaking up on the players (trust me you can’t sneak through I sort of cased it becuase I me) but we had gotten there early or something so I guess they weren’t worried about it or my dad just kind of slipped through. So my dad who didn’t realize your really no supposed to go that way thinks thats a proper exit. Anna and I both watch him go and we’re both thinking and saying to each other “I know he’s not supposed to go that way.” but because we’re terrible we decide not to actual call out to him.

Now he probably wouldn’t have even noticed becuase he would have gone right out to the lobby with the direction he went (instead of toward the locker rooms) but since the prospects and the vets were in town they had blocked out that hallway so the rookies had like a place to chill when the Vets were using the locker room or something like that. So we wait like a few minutes and all of the sudden my dad comes hopping back up that stairs looks at me like “Ohh whoops” and said to us as he passes to go out the proper exit “I really don’t think I was supposed to go that way.” and about five seconds after he does that all the rookies come filling out the player locker room and down the hallway he had just come out of. It would of been pretty hilarous to imagine my dad’s reaction as he just trying to find his way to the lobby to have about twenty guys in matching red capitals outfits come up behind him.

And now I have to go because I’m borrowing someones lap top and their sitting here asking me every five seconds “Are you doing something important?… I can’t wait…” fidget fidget fidget…


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