Lemme See Your Glamour Shot!

USA Hockey has released promotional photos for this upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, but they look more like my senior pictures than hockey promos [Puck Daddy]. They’re of Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres, and our favourite little gangster, PKane. When I saw one of Kaner, holding an icicle menacingly (at least attempting to), all I went was ‘awwwwww!’, and I’m not sure if that the Team USA’s desired affect…

But it sure was like that for me! Also, there’s some where they’re leaning on the faux-ice wall, looking EXACTLY like a pose I did for my senior pictures last month, in which I’m leaning across a mirror table-thing with my oboe in front of me. If the photos had arrived yet, I would post them for comparison, but for now, you’ll have to imagine…

58280787 by puckdaddyblog.

58279845 by puckdaddyblog.

Mhm, I knew there was a reason why I wasn’t rooting for Team USA…

In other news, the television schedule has been released for the Capitals’ 2009-2010 season, and I am pleased to say that every game is going to be on television! Most are on CSN, with a few on Versus and one on NBC (which, of course, is their 07 February game against the Penguins, so big surprise there, but I consider it a blessing since it means the less I have to listen to Pierre McGuire and all the other NBC Sports schmucks).

Also, rookie camp ends tomorrow with a scrimmage against the Philadelphia Flyers’ rookies at 3PM tomorrow in New Jersey. But, if you’re like me and A. has school until 2:20PM, B. does not have a car, and C. has no desire to go to Jersey, you can watch the game online! If you would like to watch the game, be sure to go to the Capitals’ official website at 3PM tomorrow to watch. I sure will be!

And while this isn’t new, we’ve yet to comment on it, and some of you may not know: Greenlife52.com has been confirmed as real, as well as @greenlife52 [Punch in the Face]. Oh, dear.

As Meghan posted earlier, she’s going to be inactive from Friday through Monday, but I should still be able to post, so no worries.

So, 16 days until the convention!

– Anna


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