Most People Don’t Call This Vaction They Call It Punishment

I heard through the grape vine, and am waiting for photographic evidence, that Nicki has indeed become some what un-fudgeballed over the summer. NO! pretty much sums up my opinion on that. No, Nicki you HAVE to be a fudgeball there are a few things I know in this world and one thing is that Lars Nicklas Backstrom is a blond Swedish fudgeball. What is the world coming to if Nicki isn’t a fudgeball?! Come on buddy you remind me of my three year old pudgy cousin who says the darn’dest things;

You are so adorable (“He is good man… for… for the women”). So if a mysterious gift basket of bake goods shows up on your door step one morning just send your thank you card to me.

AND FINALLY! The biggest mystery of the summer and the biggest story we had ever broken in our blogs little life; Green Life 52 and its accompanying twitter is indeed Mike Green. He himself confirmed it through the Washington Post’s DC Sports Blog. Danke Schon and you know what; craaaaap. Mike Green, Mike Green, Mike Green I had hope… I’m going to miss the mystery. And in that case since it really is you;

Dear Mike Green,
I enjoy your enthusiasm about things like loving DC and going to Nats games. I like the fact you like to express these things on Twitter. But we are really going to need to talk about your exclamation point use. You see one exclamation point is just as effective as several but with out the annoyance of looking like a twelve year old girl when using them excessively.

Your grammar is also atrocious, even worse then mine so that’s saying a lot, one tweet was so terrible I threw up a little in my mouth. (See here; You didn’t capitalize DC, a name of a chef, or the name of this mans restaurant, you didn’t use any verbs, and you completely ignored the use of the period. It was pretty bad. It looked like a war time telegram… maybe you thought it was. Do not be confused by technology we whippersnappers are here to help. Now please get your crap together you damn hot mess.

Love Always Your Faithful Blogger,

I’m glad Ovie didn’t run anyone over during his Zamboni ride. I’ve heard/seen many a tale of his driving skills (or lack there of) and was fully expecting to turn on the six o’ clock news to the words “And, now watch this dramatic video; A promotional stunt for the NHL in New York City went terribly wrong this afternoon…” so I’m glad to hear all went well. And, seeing as every blog and their grandmothers have covered the event I’m sure you read it somewhere else and don’t need to hear it again.

I probably won’t be around the blog until Tuesday (part of the reason why this post is so long) because I will be in all likely hood cut off from Internet due to my going up the northern way to attend my cousins wedding. And, even if I do have Internet access I really hate typing on my Ipod Touch (WiFi in a convenient pocket size Ipod frick yes) so unless something really interesting/devastating happens (or I get really bored) I probably won’t be posting.

And, since for some reason my cousin is having like a wedding palooza or some crap I’m going to be gone from Friday morning until Monday evening. That way I won’t only be behind in hockey news; I’ll be very behind in school and means I can’t attend Veteran camp, which is the worst crime of the three, like I had been planning since about April. You can send your angry letters too…

My extended family are not hockey fans. I give them some slack because my great grand parents on both sides were right off the boat (we’re pretty new to this country if you think about it) so I guess for the older generations of my family this new fangeld North American sport is still a bit of a mystery.. Though my uncles reaction when he came to visit a year or so ago was pretty priceless.
He walked in to see me watching hockey and asks “Are you watching hockey?”
No, I thought, I’m obviously watching Rocky and Bullwinkle (Yeah I just dropped a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference) but I like my Uncle so I say “Yup.”
“You like hockey? Seriously?” in a really incredulous tone
“Yeah I do.”
He gives me a very strange look and walks out then back tracks looks at me one more time and says “No seriously?”
So you have some idea of my extended families attitude towards this sport… its going to be a long weekend.


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