Hands Off Crosby…

… go brainwash your own fans…

We all know that the Pittsburgh Penguins were in Washington on Thursday to meet the President as well as to host a hockey clinic at Dupont Ice Arena. Bill Guerin, Marc-André Fleury, Brooks Orpik, Jordan Staal, and everyone’s favourite bitch, Sidney Crosby, were present at the clinic. While I praise any person (especially a famous person or athlete, and most especially a hockey player) who takes the time to aid and interact with underprivileged kids, Crosby needs to keep his hands off our young Capitals fans; he can go creep on kids in his own city. I don’t appreciate him trying to convert faithful Caps fans to loster Penguins fans. Thankfully, some kids know where their loyalty lies:

“Not many kids get to skate with the Stanley Cup winners. It’s an honor to skate with them,” said Willie Bennett, 14, of Chesapeake, Md. “Alex Ovechkin is still my favorite player, though.” 

In Capitals-related news, the Post also had an article on Cody Eakin this morning, where Eaks’ future and talent were discussed, which I find extremely exciting ’cause he’s, well, amazing as well as my favourite rookie, so any news about him and his possible future with anything Capitals-related is well-received by me.

Also, if you’re having a hard time watching the rookie scrimmage on the Capitals’ website, it is available for streaming at this moment on the Flyers’ website.

Now, I’m waiting for my dad to get home so I can buy mine and Meghan’s tickets to the 25 November game against the Sabres.

– Anna

EDIT: The rookie scrimmage was quite disappointing, though I’m glad Eakin did seemingly well. Everyone has off days, I guess. Also, my tickets are purchased. They were cheap and nearly-nosebleeders, but hey, the Verizon Center has good views everywhere, and it’s better than being at home in front of my television.


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