My Maybe Kinda Brush With Celebrity

I was in the car driving towards Ohio and I’m just outside Pittsburgh when we pull up to the most gorgeous I mean gorgeous car. I’m drooling, my dad is drooling, if my mom was awake she would have said “It’s just a car you two.” No, this is not JUST a car; this is a machine; this is art; this is a brand new light metallic blue Ferrari convertable. This is a god among cars.

Well I try to look at the driver but he’s in front of my car so all I can see is the drivers a twenty something tan guy with dark hair and designer sunglasses on. But he looks sort of familiar but I can’t quite place him cause all I can see of his face is what’s in the rear view mirror.

So I’m thinking “Who would I know that drives a Ferrari with Pennsylvania plates and obviously lives in Pittsburgh?”… Holy crap it’s a Pen!

As if reading my thoughts my dad says half jokingly “Hey that could be Sid the Kid.” One; Not funny Dad… at all. Two; It really could be or at least a Penguin in general..

But wait! Aren’t they in DC still? I mean sure the guys heading northbound towards Pittsburgh from the south in the middle of the afternoon.

“Your just delusional and parnoid,” I thought “there’s NO way that’s a Pen! It’s just a some random no name hot shot twenty year old… driving a car that costs almost as much as your house… wearing designer sunglasses that also cost a fist full of cash… that just happens to look vagually familiar… heading towards Pittsburgh … … … Okay no way that’s GOT to be somebody!”

I have to get look at this guy! But he stays in front and we can’t pull up on the side. So I look at the plates unfortunatly their not vanity plates so that doesn’t help me in guessing (wouldn’t have been easy if it just said like MAF or Geno or #87 or something?)

However the plate holder is a dealership one that says Ferraris of Washington. Okay well hmm concidence? The Pens are/were in DC, this car has PA plates with Ferraris of Washington plate holders heading to Pittsburgh from the south. No such thing as concidence.

I NEVER got a look at the guy. I stared at that car for ten minutes trying to place him and I never got a good look at him. It bugged me the rest of the evening.

But I’m about 68% sure I saw Penguin taking his sweet new ride home to Pittsburgh.

And if it HAD been Crosballs? I would have stuck my head out the window and screamed “Let’s go Caps!” and you can bet my Dad would have backed me up with the accompanying car horn honks. (and my mom would have killed me for being a moron and embarrasing her)

Oh and I know I said I wouldn’t post (free WiFi yeeess) but I was hoping a Pens’ fan or general peruser of hockey player knowledge out there could tell me if they know anything about one of the players driving a Blue Ferrari convertable. It’s really bothering me.



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2 responses to “My Maybe Kinda Brush With Celebrity

  1. Lulu

    None of the Penguins are from the southern US. There are a couple of Ferrari dealers in Pittsburgh too, so I’m not sure why they’d get their car in DC. Could it have been Brent Johnson? Oh wait, he doesn’t look 20’s. Last time I knew Cindy Crosby had a lame ass Land Rover or Range Rover…whatever, they’re all the same. But doesn’t he live with Mario? And Mario lives outside Pittsburgh toward Ohio. What about a Steeler or one of the crappy Pirates? This is very interesting.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Well I was thinking at the time seeing as the Pens were in DC for the White House visit, and some of them did a clinic with the local kids, maybe the unidentified guy picked it up while down there and I was outside of Pittsburgh (less than 18 miles outside) towards the Ohio border so it seemed logical it could be on of the guys seeing as he looked familiar. I don’t follow football or baseball so I wouldn’t really reconize any of the Steeler or Pirates players. I don’t know really; I thought it was MAF at first but the guy wasn’t skinny enough and way too tan to be Crosby anyway. -Meghan

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