Poor Flash

Early this afternoon I was at my grandparents having a visit and the family members were all getting together to watch the Browns season opener. I don’t like football; my attention span can not handle all the stopping and starting.

I was also exhausted and glassy eyed from two days of non stop being on the move and running purely on Hampton Inn lobby coffee (which was quite good actually though the “robust” was certainly not robust enough for my taste). So as the game began I went to the sun porch and passed out face down on the love seat. Two hours into my unplanned nap my phone goes off and because I’m a moron I had left it in my pocket so it makes a god aweful amount of noise.

But, after pulling the pillow over my head for about five minutes I start wondering what it’s about and this is basically the news I recieve:

Flash has a bloodcot. Gonna be out until at least October.

“Shit!” I exclaim

“Shit!” my uncle and dad scream at the same time as the Vikings did something to continue kicking the Browns butts.

Flash ohhhh poor Flash that really sucks! How’d that even happen; you’re a youngin’! I hope you feel good soon part two of my favorite East European duo: Juice and Flash. (Flash is part two because Juice is not only adorable but a cutie so he’s número uno) We’re going to miss your speed on the ice.

So take your medicine, get some rest, have Juice pick up some chicken paprikash and get well soon.

PS thanks to which ever of my grandparents neighbors have unprotected Wi-Fi. You have assisted my sick blog obssession.


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