Meghan Is Back

That is right I am back in the metro area and need to catch up on all the Capitals news:

I have a confession my dear Caps; I’ve been sniffing around the Blackhawks since the playoffs allowed me to bring them into my home since I had moved from the Wisconsin/Illinois border. And then Cabbie and The Score introduced me to Patrick Sharp and You tube to his and Burish awesome pranks. I became very interested in the Blackhawks but it was never an obsession. I toed the line especially out of guilt for you my beloved Capitals, I resisted buying that Sharp t-shirt I was admiring. However my unconscious mind seems to have no such qualms because I had a dream in which Jonny Toews made a little appearance.

Ask anyone I have the weirdest dreams and a lot of times hockey makes an appearance because I obviously think about it a lot. I don’t remember the exact details but it seemed I was an intern who was left in charge of a shop class of college age kids and Tazzer was making an art and craft for his mom (how cute is that?) and asked me to check his work. He spelt forks ‘forkes’ I don’t remember why he was spelling forks or why he spelt it with an ‘e’ but I am obviously getting much too attached to the Blackhawks. And, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

So as you might know I may or may not have had a run in with a Pens player just outside of Pittsburgh the other day. Well I decide to google if any one knew if any of the players drove a Ferrari convertible. I had no luck only finding out Malkin drives a little white Porsche convertible which is a little how do I say this delicately… is extremely girly. Its the kind of car middle age women drive. Maybe its cougar camouflage. Brooksie may want to take a page out of his book.

I watched all the Rookie and Training camp videos because I had to catch up on them:
The Rookie Camp Travels Video: I enjoyed the rookie who drove his mom’s truck out that’s so cute. I appreciate the guy who at least tried the book on tape; pass that on to Mike please.

Training Camp day one video of Nicki: You are so adorable if you ever want a little sister please keep me in mind; I’ll take you on trips to the zoo and get ice cream; we can watch Disney movies at you fancy new house in Sweden; I’ll keep you out of trouble since that Ovie is obviously a terrible influence; We’ll also have a long chat about your Swedish Hair Syndrome, conditioner, and a thing called a comb. You can introduce me to your cute brother too. I’ll be the best-est little sister ever promise. I’ll even help you baby sit Nyls trillion kids.

Training Camp day one video of Semin: Who ever edited that thank you so much I have such a hard time following the question-question translation-answer-answer translation exchange so this new style is awesome. And, Semin you certainly had a very good summer; You got a new haircut and just got better looking in general so I’m sorry I called you ‘magic helmet’ Semin and or told people I though two off seasons ago you had gotten hit in the face with a shovel. You are now not only my favorite player in general but in looks too. Congrats on your promotion.


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