A Dramatic Reading

I’m glad the new player blankets on the NHL shop have no Capitals players (could I resist a blanket with my little Fudgeball on it? No) and the Toews one is really ugly (and that there’s no Pat Sharp one) otherwise I’d be out fifty bucks. And, I certainly don’t have an extra fifty bucks. And my dad would see the Blackhawks blanket and become severely severely confused. I can imagine how this conversation would go;
“Wait when did we get this Toews kid on the Capitals?Who is that?!”
“No dad… I um…. well I bought a Blackhawks blanket.”
“I dunno…”
“What’s wrong with you? What did I do to raise a child like you!?”
“I don’t know.” *looks stricken* “But, Dad! Dad, I still love the Capitals I could NEVER not love the Capitals! No no dad don’t look like that!”
“And to think I was once proud of you.”
“No I just really like Toews… and pretty much all the Blackhawks… I don’t really like them that much! Not like the Capitals! Don’t you understand?!”
“Pack your things and get out.”

Joking. No no, that’s what he’d say if I had the Geni blanket… I’m really not joking about that he HATES Geni passionately. He’d disown me if I had a Geni or Crosby item of any sorts, unless it was insulting them like the legendary Crosby Sucks… Malkin Swallows shirt. (Must find want that shirt) Much like I would disown any of my children is they did. My family is very sick; very very sick.

Also Mike Green added a new blog post. Obviously word of mouth got back to Green that someone needed to have someone double check his grammer because it was markdley improved. I almost got through the entire post with out thinking “Hmmm I could ridicule this!” then he used the words “props” in relation to anyone who brings a Green Life 52 sign for training camp (I totally would thank you very much) and then he called sneakers “kicks” we in the 70’s buddy? I mean sure I call sneakers “tennies” some times but jeez your just so punk rock (how do I do sarcasm on this thing?). Thank you Mike Green; you and Green Life 52 will give me many a thing to post about on my own blog.


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