Dear Columbus Blue Jackets,
Please Please Please I’m begging you to stop. It’s only the preseason and I’m sitting here following your antics on Twitter; your playing the Pens in Mellon arena. Crosby and Fluery are playing both. You are up 3-0 end of the second and up in shots 21-19. STOP. My dear Blue Jackets we had a very close bond. You were the first team I ever saw, my first hockey love, the first team to break my heart so completely I finally had to walk away, you traded my favorite players, you played a style of hockey I just don’t enjoy or think uses your players to the best of their ability, you just sucked so bad for too long.

I love the Capitals now much much MUCH more than I ever did you but as you are smashing the Penguins and names like Filatov are being thrown around I find myself gravitating towards your siren song of hope that maybe just maybe you can win this year… you can be, lord forgive me, good. I thought that I might dig out my old jersey just a few weeks ago I was thinking that I might cut into a pillow seeing as I never planned on wearing it again. Damn you Jackets. I can’t do this again. You are making me a complete mess. I hate you for making me think you can be good. Stop giving me hope. Please suck because if your good I don’t know if I can quit you and if I don’t quit you then you suck again and break my heart AGIAN I’ll just be a hot mess.

I’m seriously begging you,


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