The Plot Thickens!

Lulu over at the Hockey is my Boyfriend blog gave me a lot of help this week; the car I saw outside of Pittsburgh, that I was so sure was being driven by a Pen but had no proof of, may just have been Marc-Andre Fleury like I thought it was. He has a metallic blue car. She wasn’t sure if it was a Lambo or a Ferrari when she saw it but if it was a Ferrari then I most certainly saw MAF like I thought it was.

Before this news I had given up on finding out if it ever was a Pens car or not but now maybe you can help too. The car looked similar to this but I think it may have been the new or older model and not the 2009 like in this photo and the North American model obviously not the Euro. I’m, not terribly knowledgable in car models I mean I’m some what versed: I read a little Auto Weekly until my dad stopped his subscription, I watch the Barrett-Jackson auction every year. I love pretty cars. Mike Green always has a slight free pass with me as long as he drives his Lambo. And I saw this car on Friday so I’ve had a long wedding food and hotel lobby coffee filled weekend to forget exactly what it looked like.

And, frankly I may not even have the right model. I thought it was a California but it was defiantly a Ferrari and it was that nice metallic Ferrari blue.

To add to my creepy stalker-ness I googled the dealership on the plate holders: Ferrari’s of Washington. Bingo real place in Dulles VA
Here’s the describe of the dealership on the home page if your not bothered to look for yourself:

Extreme cars. Uncompromising quality. Precision service. Ferrari of Washington invites you to experience the passion, history and prestige of the finest cars in the world. As a factory authorized Ferrari dealership, we provide new and pre-owned Ferrari’s to the Mid-Atlantic region including, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Washington D.C. Metro area.

Not exactly hard evidence, And, they defiantly are serious about the buying and clientele I looked at a 2006 pre-owned Ferrari F430 and it told me to “inquire for price”. I should piss them off and email them asking if they had any hockey players bought cars with them recently.

Any how if you know about MAF’s car, or any other Penguin, that drives a metallic blue Ferarri hard top convertible, possibly a California, then let me know so I don’t feel insane and Anna can stop acting like I’m insane. If you see this car of MAF’s let me know or maybe even shout me a picture of it on Twitter at

Yes I realize you might be thinking does it matter I mean it’s a Pen? Well yes it matters because I don’t care who it was I not only like being right; I need to be right… all the time. I thought it was a Pen and I thought it was MAF so I’d like to know I’m right. I’m crazy but I’m right and that’s what matter doesn’t it?

(I realized after I came up with the name for this post, Curiouser and Curiouser, I had already used this for another already so I realized I needed to find a new mystery-puzzle solving book quote to use maybe one using proper grammer.)

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