Odds and Ends: I Commit Theft In the Name of Love

I’m listening to the Capitals game on radio as I write this. I don’t do listening to games on radio very well I get so easily distracted by whats going on around me.

Alex Ovechkin during an interview or somewhat he was asked who the most popular sports player in DC was “Probably Semin” he announced. Stop making me smile with all your Semin jokes. Way to get in my good books sir.

And, Happy 24 birthday Alex Ovechkin. I would make a super awesome graphic to accompany this lack luster congrats but my computer with Photoshop crashed so you’ll just have to assume it would have been pretty and properly excited.

Now for the ‘theft’ I have commited;
I’ve bemoaned the fact that I do not have a Capitals jersey on this site before but yet I have two old, still back when they were CCM jerseys, not my actual size, Blue Jackets jerseys. Well I wore my youth XL one that fits my torso but the sleeves only go to my elbows (I push them up a little and pretend that its supposed to look like that and hope I don’t look to silly) for the pure fact I just wanted to wear a hockey jersey the other day. Well about half way through my math test, see how good I am at concentrating, I remembered my little sister for reasons unexplainable has A CAPS JERSEY! No way, how could I have forgetten?! Its one of the old CCM Black and Gold jerseys. She has worn it once. She is a vague Caps fan and probably watches maybe three games a year on purpose. So I don’t know why she has a jersey and I don’t.

Well I stole it. I didn’t care it was her’s. I went home, went into the guest room where she had stashed it so it wouldn’t take room up in her closet and stole it. She never wears it and I don’t think she’ll mind except maybe for the prinicple. It is too a youth XL and seeing as she is actually the youth XL size it fits her arms properly but I digress. It’s the ugly black and gold design. I liked our color scheme as black and gold; it was a least a little different than the seemingly old sports stand by of red/white/blue that most sports teams in all sports seem to default to especially in cities like DC but god damn I forgot how ugly the actual jersey design is. I like our new jerseys much better. And its a Alex Ovechkin jersey. Ever so original I know. My sister liked him the first year she was a little more than vagually interested and now its probably the only person she knows especially since Olie and Brash are gone.

I’m not incrediably enthusatic about wearing a Ovie jersey. Its not that I don’t love the man but everybody has a Ovie jersey. I feel like I look like a band wagoner in it.. If I had my choice my jeresy would be a Gordon or Semin jersey but this is my sister who chose this jersey so I can’t exactly do anything about it. And its at least the old one so I look like an old band wagoner. And its the thought that counts. And its all in the name of love.

And the last ‘Odd and End’ is a video I saw I (and am hoping it embedded) on pucku.ca and the image of Jordan Staal dressed as an Amish person will never leave my delighted head.

<embed src="http://blip.tv/play/AYGg4TYC” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″ height=”390″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”>

PS. I adore Alexandre Giroux and he scored our first goal so his name came up quite a bit. Its AlexanDRE not AlexanDER. I know thats knit picking but hell if Semyon gets his name properly pronounced the man who shattered AHL records damn deserves to have his said correctly also.


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