Preseason Battle in Buffalo

I know I already posted today but I just wanted to give my thoughts about the game which was very good (though if you were following Twitter you got a pretty big earful already) so just a quick couple notes.

Though winning was extremely satisfying and I can’t believe how much hockey makes me feel relaxed after wards. Everything feels right in the world after a good hockey game. I think you all can agree it takes all your stress and kicks it at people you don’t personally know and you can scream in rage or happiness. After the game win or lose you just feel a little lighter. But I missed my point sorry; The winning was satifying but I’m a little disconcerted about some of the things I heard. Granted I’m saying I’m a highly visual person so listening on the radio doesn’t have the same affect but here’s some things that worry;

1. Penalties: So many! We had this problem last year. And Semin wasn’t even playing! We really need to learn discipline. Bruce I look to you to deal with this.
2. Frazzled Start: A problem last year also. We either come out way to strong or way to frazzled. Drives me nuts.
3. The Hobbit: When Anna and I went to Camp I noticed Bearsie is incredibly small. Short and skinny. I know he had a few concussion and this game I realized why. He was hit from behind as I understand and was slow getting up. I really like him skill wise so don’t think I’m saying his size is a disadvantage but he just makes me nervous. I’m quite afraid he’s going to get smashed. I hope the big guys keep an eye on him.
4.Where were the Vets: The first period and a half it seemed that the Vets were fairly quiet. Maybe the guys wanted to let the young guys shine and then went it went to crap they stepped up a little more. I expect better against the Blackhawks on Saturday.

And some good stuff:
My Little Banker is BACK: Brian is back and I am incredibly happy! He scored our OT winner and had an assist. I am so glad he’ll be here all season!
The Fudgeball: Yes! Nicki was doing well also! Two assists!
The Cardiac Factor: Though its not necessarily a good thing I see that as usual we are always willing to claw it out in the end. And, why it’d be nice to just dominate the entire game a win is a win.

I’m wondering already who is coming on (well I guess their not going any where but suiting up I suppose) the Blackhawks side for Saturdays game. (Patrick Sharp, Patrick Sharp, Patrick Sharp…)

And I hope you guys liked the commentary on I’m hoping that at least Anna or I (or both) will be spewing our babble during games for most of the season and I hope you’ll comment back (that’s the best part!). I also realized that maybe you guys get confused by who it is tweeting so we’ll try to remember to add a -A or -M for our tweets respectively.



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2 responses to “Preseason Battle in Buffalo

  1. CapsFan1975

    In answer to the question, “where were the veterans?”, several of the veterans did not go to the Buffalo game; i.e. Ovi, Semin, Green, Shaone Morrisonn, Tom Poti, Steckel, and various others.

    • thehockeychronicles

      Oh sorry I suppose I should of clarified I meant the Vets that were there: Backstrom, Knuble, Laich, Clark, Brian etc. Up until about half way through the second I don’t recall hearing their names much at all or if t was it was either in relation to something bad or unimportant. -M

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