Back of the Milk Cartoon Time

Okay so the game tonight agianst the ‘Hawks was crazy and cardiac inducing as usual but the Caps won which is whats important and I’d like to just not deal with all the things the Caps did wrong and how pulling it out of their asses does not make it okay but I’m emotionally drained because:

KRIS VERSTEEG HAS GONE MISSING! About half way through the third I noticed his name not being mentioned but I thought little of it but then everybody on Twitter who was watching it on TV noticed he hadn’t come out on the ice at all for a while and no one knew what had happened. NO! Not Kris! Not my ‘Steegs! What happened?! Was it a Cap?! No no! Surely my baby Capitals would never hurt a fly! The couldn’t hit Versteeg that hard! That would be like punching a puppy! Or Nicki! They wouldn’t! They couldn’t! (UPDATE: I found out after about five second of posting this he has an upperbody injury not considered to be serious… I’m not happy about this)
This game was like the game of hockey player disapearing hell. So the roster said Green was on it… Green said on Twitter he was going… I don’t hear his name AT ALL. So I’m getting really angry! I mean how dare he suck! I’m bagging on him. Then I see on Twitter DURING the game from him that he’s looking forward to watching the fight tonight. “Okay either he isn’t playing or I’m going to kill him!” I thought. So I find out that he was NOT Tweeting during the game but that he DIDN’T go on the trip and he has a free pass this time.

(I wrote this bit earlier before I was upset but it merits mentioning)
Put your fancy pants on those crazy Chronicles girls are heading down to Kettler in what appears to becoming quite the regular occurance. And I shall finally get down to the question bothering me since the end of August! Is Alexander Semin’s hair cut for real of it just a magical illusion?

Allow me to complain. Twenty freaking bucks for a picture with a Capital at the convention? And how stiff and awkward would it be anyway? If I’m going to pay twenty bucks for an awkward moment well I don’t know what I’d be paying for an awkward moment for. I don’t know if I’m willing to do it. Even if one of them is Semin which amazes me that he was convinced into doing that. Maybe our little Emo Kid is coming our of his shell? Or maybe the fact Semyon is doing it also, which also confuses, means that Ovechkin managed to convince those two to put up with the crazy fans, puckbunnies, and in Semyon’s case unfashionable Americans. And then the other I’m willing to pay for maybe is Nicki. Love those two but can I do it? And how exactly is the photo taken. You just stand next to each other stiffly and smile? All I can imagine is the mall Santa Claus. And that is super creepy. Shake that picture out of your head.


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