Just Saying

The preseason game against the ‘Hawks tonight makes me realize just how happy I am summer is over. When we hit June I admit I started to do the mental potty dance. I thought for sure with all the rumors; remember the great steroids debacle of ’09? Okay no one does but at the time I was unhappy about it. And, there was Feds thing which I’m still highly bitter about. But now that its all over I’m very pleased we did not self implode. Obviously.

And just to be clear; though I love the Blackhawks very much and I consider my self a burgeoning casual fan of them I want them to know that I will not be rooting for them against the Capitals; not even a little. Against any one else always but of course Capitals come first and I’m sure I will be making unmerciful fun of you all and Anna will probably have to tell me to play nice because I will probably bring up the stuff I usually make fun of out of love but not tonight. There will be cabbie beating/twenty cent jokes, there will be Burish looks like a chipmunk jokes, there will be Toews jokes and there will be Toews-Kane bromance jokes, snatches of Fergie shall be sung. I can’t make fun of Sharp because I just don’t know how. Unless of course he makes a fool of himself. (Sharp, Toews, Kane are promised for the roster tonight I just found out!)

So I apologize ahead of time my Western Conference lovers; I’m not going to be trying to hurt your feeling on purpose (okay on purpose). Except for Huet who I hate with a burning passion of vindictive hatred. *Mutters under breath* usurping bastard. But, I still love you all; I just love the Caps more.

“That’s okay Meghan; We all still love you too… we just love real Blackhawks fans more.”

“Touche Blackhawks touche.”

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