My Own Personal Blackhawk

I have resolved to stop talking to my mother about hockey. She doesn’t care, no matter how hard I try, and it never seems to end well. Yet again, my mother has proved that she thinks Meghan and I are twenty-times the creepers we actually are. First, it was the elevator incident. Now, its the ‘you can’t buy a hockey player’ incident.

So, today, I was talking to my mother while she was doing some work, and since I was anticipating the Capitals @ Blackhawks game tonight, I naturally started to talk hockey. I know she doesn’t care, but I can’t help it, and she at least tries to seem interested. Today, I brought up the fact that Kaner’s and Tazer’s contracts are up after this season and how the Hawks are already capped out. Earlier this week, Meghan and I were fantasizing about how amazing it would be if the Caps acquired one of them (a far-fetched and ridiculous dream), especially since Nyls will probably (and hopefully) be gone after this season, and I told my mom this. My exact words were ‘it’d be really cool if ‘we’ can buy one of them’, because I often refer to the Capitals as though I have any sort of affiliation to them…

Apparently, my mom was not aware of this habit, so she turns around, looks at me dead in the eyes and says : “You and Meghan cannot buy a player” 0.0

First of all, personally buying a player is not possible (coughunfortunatelycough). Second of all, I barely have five bucks, let alone five-million that it’d take to buy a hockey player. So, mother, why would you even think Meghan and I would cook up such a scheme? Sure, we conspire a lot, but only ever jokingly and never so creepily. But, of course, my mom reveres Meghan and I as the biggest hockey-creepers this side of the Mississippi, so naturally, we think about buying a Blackhawk and hiding him away in our closet or something. Also, if I’m buying any player, it’ll be a Capital, thank you very much… Not that I’ve thought about this or anything… I swear…

Anyway, in other news, MEGHAN AND I ARE GOING TO PRACTICE TOMORROW! I am clearly quite excited. Let’s hope some shenanigans ensue, as long as we do not get arrested (as Meghan is theorizing via text messages as I write this), and have a splendid ol’ time. Expect tweets via @hockeychronicle from me.

The schedules for the Capitals Convention (six days!) were released today, and something ridiculous has come to light. If Meghan and I want to get pictures with players, we have to pay twenty-bucks for it. Now, I love my boys, but to expect me to pay twenty-frickin-dollars for a likely awkward moment is a lot to expect. And Greener, Sasha, Theo, Varly, Nicky, and Ovie are the only current Capitals players who are doing photos… No, thank you.

Also, for those unaware, the Capitals are playing the Blackhawks as we speak. You can listen to the game live here. It is currently a rather conflicting and frustrating game.

– Anna

Postscript: Also, I am permanently ‘Rocking the Red’ wherever I go with my Disco Inferno (i.e. ridiculously bright, cherry red) hair. I re-dyed it last weekend (it was first done around the end of the regular season), though it has no relation to the Capitals, it is a nice coincidence. So, if you go to practice tomorrow and see a girl with snazzy, obviously dyed red hair, it’ll be me :]

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