Damn You, Hockey Gods, Damn You

Apparently, Meghan and I have done something to anger our beloved Hockey Gods, for they are showering their wrath upon us. For undisclosed reasons (they are unimportant and not of my own), our trip to Kettler Capitals Iceplex to watch the boys practice, has been cancelled. And since, as you know, my parents hate all things hockey, they are not willing to drive the forty-something minute drive to take us. Sometimes, being too lazy to get my driver’s license really comes to bite me in the ass.

Thankfully, the Convention is still next weekend, something I am so ridiculously excited for that this cannot get me down too much. And, there is always more practices in our future, especially since guilt-tripping is Meghan’s expertise.

So, if you were lookin forward to some practice updates and stories, they will have to wait for another weekend. But, believe me, Kettler has not seen the last of The Hockey Chronicles.

– Anna


To hopefully remedy our relationship with the Hockey Gods, Meghan and I decided a sacrifice would be the best way to get back in their favor. Meghan took the honors of the sacrifice, considering I am not allowed to touch fire after an incident with a birthday cake and nearly burning down my house…





… ’cause we’re not bitter at all …

Postscript: Ignore the mess, THC is currently ungoing a bit of revamping.


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