Free Time, Free Time

So usually your favorite blogger would be in school at this time since public school is a 5-9 sort of thing however today I am sick as a dog so I’ve been trying to waste time until seven pm.. So after watching a three hour marathon of Top Chef I decided to at least try to get things done that I could easily do from my bed. After the adventures on the College Board hot-line in which my stuffed up nose made entirely harder than it needed to be (the lady I got was very nice about it; Thank you Lisa!), filling out some applications, getting some much needed to be sent emails out, and getting caught up on my favorite BBC television show (that I therefore can only watch online) I realized I’m probably just making things worse since my head is so stuffed I can’t see straight. So what do I do when I just want to half ass stuff? Write on my blog!

So we ended up not being able to go to practice at Kettler yesterday not because I was ill, I felt alright until after I got back home from being out all day, but because of a truly unplannable and unforeseeable thing. With out going in to my families private lives lets just say a delayed ER visit, and poor choices on other peoples parts lead to my plans being affected when they shouldn’t have been. Everyone is fine, do not worry it was so undramatic I went out with Anna around town instead of puttering about in worry, and this event probably won’t ever merit mentioning again if it even merited mention in the first place.

The Capitals will be playing the Sabres again tonight but at home and for reason that I can not figure CSN will not be showing this game. I think it sucks that they aren’t. Even sick and stuffed up I probably will be on Twitter tonight though I apologize because I’m sure with my cold I will be even more incoherent than usual.

I was reading on a new blog I discovered View from my Seats ( and they were talking about ‘Mistress teams’ a team you follow more than your favorite team, the team you are married to, (which is quite what it feels like) this made me laugh because it sounded just like my relationship with the Blackhawks. Though I will need to find a more masculine nickname for them seeing as calling them my ‘mistress team’ would be odd. What about ‘boy toy’ team no that sounds creepy. Whats the male verison of a mistress? Is there a name for that?

Speaking of them; I’m starting to think my love for the Blackhawks is a curse on them. My newest favorite Blackhawks Versteeg gets injued in the game against the Captials. Well I was worried but I didn’t think much of it. But on Sunday when I woke up from my nap and wasn’t feeling well I do what I always do to pass stuffed up hacking cough boredom I google things. Well I googled Adam Burish because though he was one of my favorites due to his and Sharps bromance and their constant picking on Toews and Kane I hadn’t looked up much about him. He’s a former Badger! I was very excited by this news since UW has been and will always be my favorite college team but not only that but he’s from Madison itself. I love Madison having only lived about a half a hour away.

I was literally just telling Anna how he was my new favorite-st favorite by awesome default when he gets injured in the game going on right then. All then my favorites get injured. I tell Anna that my love must be a curse upon the Blackhawks.. I should just kill myself I joked. Can I have your Ovechkin bobblehead? Anna jokingly replied. JUMP JUMP! is apparently peoples response well I tell them these sort of things. And, yes Anna you can have my Ovie bobblehead in the case of my passing.


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