Irony That’s Not Irony But I Don’t Know What It’s Actually Called

I logged in to Twitter during lunch today because I don’t eat lunch so I just go to the library. Now strictly speaking we’re not supposed to go on Twitter at school or even our emails, my school is run by soul sucking neo-nazi thought police if your wondering (the teachers are nice though), and but seeing as they haven’t blocked it yet, which is good because I can’t remember any of the proxies, and I’m a rebel so I logged on anyway.

There I saw that Olie had officially retired. Now if I had not been prepared for this (and especially if we had never lost Olie) I probably would of had to restrain crying or the Meghan equivalent: punching something… or someone (watch out that kid with the Crosby jersey!) But since I had pretty much figured this back in July/August (I posted about it but I’m too lazy to prove it) I was much better than I thought about it.

Even then I surprised I took it so well. I mean many people remember how freaking annoying and upset I was when I figured out that Huet = bye bye Olie back during that dark dark time. I distinctly remember sitting at a lunch table literally pulling at my hair going “I mean I LOVE Fedorov so so much but Huet means Olie is going and then we’ll be stuck with Johnny!” Well actually I said “this young yokel from the Bears!” because the person I was talking to barely understood a hockey related name I was saying (Oh and this was before Johnny was good so forgive my dismay) And, when he did go I just got twice as annoying. But, I took it okay and Olie will and always will be my favorite Cap’s goalie (sorry Varly you really had a run going then you stuck your head up your ass my dearest). So yes my eternally favorite goalie go to ‘hockey heaven’.

I finally watched the sneaker ball footage. Cougar Bait loving the Pumas IRONY! (Haha get it Pumas?… Cougars?… Cougar Bait? I’ll stop now). My shoe of choice, except he can actually afford them full price but he made sure to mention he got them on sale all proud of his frugality which made me love him almost as much as my mom. (I love outlet malls too buddy!) but I told everyone this meant they weren’t allowed to make fun of my Pumas any more. Okay my one pair is not ugly their unique. My other pair, high tops like Brooksie but girly and a bit moon-bootish (as my friend put while admiring them), are gorgeous. Alex Ovechkin’s shoes looked like orthopedic shoes. They weren’t “pimp” don’t say that Ovie… ever you are so just not allowed. I liked Mo the First shoes I don’t know why they were bagging on him. I really love shoes in case the rambly-ness of this post didn’t tell you.

We play the ‘Hawks tonight but I’m still emotionally hung over from Burish being injured to get too terribly jazzed. However Thursday the Caps play the Rags. I HATE the Rags. And you will certainly get an earful about that later. Or is an eyeful since your reading this not listening to it?


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