Rated PG: For Use of Double Entendre

Well the Rags v Caps game was kind of boring. It actually made me want to do my late 1984 essay. That’s how bad it was especially during the beginning. It got a little more interesting towards the end. The guys calling the game were off and we lost to a lame goal. Though I do have a new favorite hockey dirty double entendre “He got some good wood on that attempt.”

Though at one point Semin took his first penalty of the preseason for tripping a guy on retaliation. ALWAYS the retaliation he never does stuff that’s a smart penalty or just penalty in general ALWAYS STUPID RETALIATORY penalties. I bemoaned this fact to several people “Why WHY WHY?!” I said but one answer was the best of them all “because he’s a sassy pants.” it was simply stated. I burst out laughing to be honest. Also my dad forgot that Brash was on the Rags until half way through my narrating the fight for him. Good job pops.

Really I still have my mind stuck on yesterdays games against the ‘Hawks. Burish and ‘Steegs are exempt because they have nothing to do with it but I am not happy with my WC lovers in fact we aren’t talking. Toew and Kaner were non-existent. Eager who I vaguely liked before is on my blacklist for life no matter where he plays. And, worst of all they almost hurt Sasha. I really wish Sasha wasn’t made of toothpicks and gum-paste but he is and sometimes I wish Bruce wouldn’t let him play pre-season. He’s delicate, which is just sad, but just don’t hit him hard okay other teams? (or reckless team mates)

So no game tomorrow and Saturday is the Convention which gives me the jitters; I’m very excited. I literally got a paper schedule and tried to figure out using logic and science who might be in what autograph session. I won’t tell you my findings because I don’t want all you Caps fans getting the good spots but its not like you can’t figure it out yourself.

And anyways at every session is four tables with two players each so even if I get Nyls and/or Jose in the session I draw I can probably scrap it out anyway because that’s eight caps to choose from and I only dislike three and out of those three only one I can’t stand at all. Though if one table has like Nicki/Brooksie and the other Semin/Steckel or something in the same session my head might implode from trying to decide. Though nice try Caps being all sneaky and not telling us until “30 minutes before the session or when the session is mostly filled” I figured out your system so I have a vague idea of which to try to choose.


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