Tretiak, Vladislav Tretiak

Better put on your fancy-pants, the Chronicles girls are heading out on the town! … Or at least to the Gaylord (*giggles*) National Resort and Convention Center.

The time has finally come! The first ever Washington Capitals Convention is tomorrow! And you’re faithful Chronicles girls (plus Meghan’s dad) will be in attendence. As expected, Meghan and I are both extremely excited. It has been all we’ve been able to think about for the entire week (as well as the entire month of September).

We’re expected to arrive around 10AM, which is when the doors open for non-season ticket holders, and where we’re going from there, we cannot be sure, but, most likely, shenanigans will ensue, especially if left unsupervised. I can tell you that we’re planning on attending the Kids Ask the Craziest Questions pannel and I personally want to see the Young Guns pannel. Also, as Meghan has mentioned, she’s strategized what autography session to do. We’re also still contemplating shelling out $20 for an extremely awkward photo. Throughout the day, I’ll be tweeting from our official twitter @hockeychronicle as well as my own @awesome_anna. Meghan will surely be tweeting from @megHamonster as well. Expect a full report on the Convention on Sunday as well as (hopefully) some random videos of goodness.

In other news, Adam Burish had his surgery today. According to the Blackhawks’ team physician, it went well. It is projected that he’ll be back in six months.

Something else Blackhawks-related, they’re playing the Wild tonight (and losing at this moment 0.0). Earlier, on the ‘Hawks official Twitter, the starters and scratches were announced. Normally, this wouldn’t be noteworthy, but the fact that whoever updates the Twitter referred to Steeger as Ver-Stud. Assuming it is a guy who does this, this is quite concerning…


Oh, and apparently, Canadian’s think Vladislav Tretiak (the amazing Russian goalie, who you may remember from him being portrayed in Miracle) is a spy (via @dchesnokov) . Yah, seriously. Cuz I didn’t think anyone could be sillier than Americans…

– Anna


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