I Have an Arch-Enemy of NHL Caliber

This post is not about the Convention; that will be tomorrow I’m too exhausted to think up clever and witty things to say but I already have a story from Friday that I can relay;

We all knew one day I, Meghan, would piss of a NHL player at one point. I am too much of a smart ass. I never thought it would happen so soon or at least not until the Convention because I’m not often around NHL-ers enough to be a smart ass to them. However on Friday I went on Twitter and saw that Nikita Filatov and Mike Commodore of the Columbus Blue Jackts had verified accounts. I read through them and Mike is majorly witty I was cracking up at his making fun of Filatov. So I made to comment on Twitter;

If Mike Commodore and Filatov keep up the adorable Twitter banter they might just make me like the CBJ again… OK not really -M

Now if your familiar with Twitter you know for someone to see the comment you made of them or RT (re-tweet) or whatever you have to put a @ and their username and it will show up in their @ messages box. I did not; so it would not show up any where he could see it but somehow he, Mike Commodore himself, found the the Hockey Chronicles account not long after I made the comment and then proceeded to @ me;

@hockeychronicle Then don’t follow. Stick to your beloved Caps.

Holy crap I made Mike Commodore angry. I least I think I did; it’s hard to tell sometimes on things like Twitter. I was speechless. I had no idea how to respond. I didn’t mean it as rude or mean. I love these two and Mike seriously had me chuckling I was just making my usual smart-ass and intended to be funny comments.

I had no idea what to say. I mean it is hard to tell but it seemed like he was annoyed. I had no idea how to respond. I wanted to clear the air but it seemed like anything I could say back would come off as condesending and if he was angry, or if he wasn’t, the condesending-ness of my reply would make him angry anyway or angrier.

I told Anna this as we we’re sitting in the lobby of the hotel of the convention today becuase she had not seen he had done this. “You should have said something back.”

“What?” we paused to think; I said jokingly “I LOVE YOU MIKE COMMODORE!” rather loudly.

“You should have said that!” Anna said laughing

“I still can.” I replied

And as soon as I arrived home and had relaxed for a bit I did; you can look on http://www.Twitter.com/hockeychronicle in fact you can see all of this on Twitter I think and if you can’t just ask me and I’ll RT it to you if you want proof.

After that Anna said “I’m un-following him as soon as I get on the Chronicles account you do realize that?”

“But, then he wins.” I said dead serious (I still am dead serious)

Anna just kind of stared at me.

This is probably the singlest most strangest out of the blue thing I’ve ever had happen to me especially in relation to hockey. I will of course let you know if he comments back. I can probably safely say I may have pissed off Mike Commodore. Yikes.

Anna also said after I said he would win if we un-followed him “You have probably made us the arch-enemy of a actual NHL player.”

“I’m not sure if he was angry but it sure seemed like it and anyways I was the one who said it.”

“I’m arch-enemy by association; way to go Meghan.”

“I probably can never go back to Columbus.” I said sadly fondly remember my old stomping grounds; Nationwide arena, Lancaster, Crew games.

“You’ll get jumped!”



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3 responses to “I Have an Arch-Enemy of NHL Caliber

  1. hitormiss89

    AHAHAH! I saw that. He probably found you from your first RT when he was making fun of Filatov.

  2. Lucy

    Hahaha! That’s awesome!

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