I Have Been to Heaven, and It Was Called CapsCon

The first annual CapsCon was yesterday, and both your Chronicles girls were in attendance. What could have been potentially dangerous (Meghan and I do not act responsibly around hockey players while we are unsupervised), turned out to me epically amazing. If you weren’t there, you should have been. It was worth the forty-something-dollars I (well, my parents) spent.

Now, what to say, what to say. Too many things happened to go into great amounts of detail, though, to be honest, a lot of our day was spent walking around the hotel instead of in the main ballroom where the convention was being held. There were A LOT of people there, and, even if they’re Capitals fans, I find people pretty annoying, especially in large quantities. And, I’m pretty sure we got more out of it than a lot of fans did.

 We attended two pannels: Covering the Caps and Kids Ask the Craziest Questions.

Covering the Caps was interesting, informative, and reinforced my idea that Joe B. and Locker are our Middle-Aged Man Twins. Their witty banter is all too familiar for them not to be. But, the person with the most amusing commentary on the pannel was definitely Lindsay Czarniak. Apparently, she has a stock of Brooks Laich photos from his mother, including one of him wearing mouse-ears while figure-skating. Yes, figure-skating. My favourite Washington Capital did not begin as a hockey player, but a figure-skater :] I am determined to see these pictures.

Kids Ask the Craziest Questions has pretty much made my life complete, as sad as that is. Brooksy, Stecks, and Brads were on the pannel, and they’re BFFFs as far as I could tell. The mediator, Chilli, worked for some radio station I cannot remember, and only added to the amazingness of the pannel. It began with her asking questions, including whether Brooksy had a girlfriend (“I’m not sure how I can dance around this”, “Remember that video of your house? And you were in the bedroom, saying it was for this and this, and that you didn’t have someone to share it with? Well, is there someone there now?, “There is no one in that room”). Some of the questions were pretty basic, but others were absolutely amazing:

  • “When did you think about playing hockey professionally?” – a pretty mundane question, except Brooksy first went on to talk about how he wasn’t smart enough to go to university, and then Brads began with “Well, I’m from Canada, so…” which was a pretty consistent thing throughout the pannel, and Stecks bragged about going to university, which lasted throughout the session as well
  • “Do you wear Iron Man underwear?” – laughter erupted amongst the older women while Brooksy sat on stage, looking rather flustered, “Well, we all wear Under Armor gear. I guess we’re calling it something else now…”
  • “What’s your wife’s names?” – Brads: “My wife’s name is Sasha, and its kind of weird ’cause Ovie calls Alexander Semin Sasha, which, I guess, is Alexander in Russian or whatever”; Stecks: “My wife’s name is Didi”; Brooksy: “To be determined”
  • “What nicknames do you have for each other? – Chilli: “Remember, there are children in the audience”; all three boys look as though they’re struggling to think of something; Brads: “I’m not sure there are any G-rated ones; Brooksy: “Boyd Gordon listens to a lot of hip-hop, so he call him ‘Snoop-Gord, or my favourite, ‘Gordicris”
  • “What are your superstitions?” – There’s some laughter and Brooksy is whispering to Brads about something; Brads: “I don’t really have a superstition. It’s more like a routine”; Brooksy agrees with the routine, but eventually gives away Brads actual superstitution: apparently, neither Brads or Boyd Gordon can play without Brads tapping Gordon on the jock; Brooksy said it was “something I look forward to seeing every game” 0.0
  • “What kind of pranks do you pull on each other?” – Apparently, there was a pranked pulled two or so year ago on Brooksy, which involved the entire team, and almost ended in a first fight between Brads and Brooksy
  • “What are you afraid of?” – Brooksy: “Bees”; Chilli: “Are you allergic?”; Brooksy: “No, but I got stung twice while golfing. I was nine, and I was in the bush looking for my ball” *insert hysterical laughter and an ‘oh, my god’ face from Brooksy*
  • Brads was a general sarcastic smart ass
  • Brooksy’s a wet blanket, who doesn’t like chocolate, ice cream, or soda
  • There was lots of laughter, double-entendres, and cat-calls

I now realize why they make up my favourite line.

The autograph session was pretty cool, too. Meghan and I were put in separate lines. I was surrounded by a bunch of giggling cougars, but ended up with Shaone Morrisonn and Chris Bourque, so no complaints here. I had them sign this painting of my Capitals logo my mom did for my birthday (as well as another one for Meghan’s).

But, hands down, the best part was all the players we ended up seeing. We didn’t bother any of them because, well, that just seems a little rude to me, especially since they all seemed to be going somewhere when we saw them. And by seeing, I do not mean from a distance or from a pannel, I mean walking past them, a foot or less apart. We ended up seeing:

  • Ovie
  • Brooksy
  • Brads
  • Nicky
  • Sasha
  • Varly
  • Theodore
  • Fehr
  • Schultz
  • Flash
  • Juice
  • Giroux
  • Alzner
  • Neuvirth
  • Laing
  • Morrison

There was probably more, I just cannot remember. Also, we saw Gabby, Joe B, Mike Vogel like a kajillion times, a lot of alumni, Stretch, and many more.

Oh, and not to forget the highlight of my day: Brooks Laich walked directly into me. It wasn’t a nudge, it wasn’t a bump, it wasn’t a brush; Brooksy walked straight, head-on into me. Meghan and I were by the main stage, listening to one of the pannels, and suddenly, WHAM! Well, not wham, cuz it didn’t hurt, but yah. I am easily pleased. He quickly apologized and disappeared down the “magic hallway” was Meghan and I began calling it. It’s good to know Brooksy has manners unlike some hockey players we know *coughbradenholtbycough*.

Anyway, best day ever. I cannot wait ’til next year. Expect a post from Meghan later on.

– Anna






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2 responses to “I Have Been to Heaven, and It Was Called CapsCon

  1. Lucy

    Haha! Gordicus and Snoop-Gord. I don’t think I could possibly love Brooks Laich any more than I do. I need to be at the ’10 CapsCon and I need to trade in the Green shirt for a Laich one. No doubt.

  2. Katie

    Wow. I laughed so hard at Gordicris. I’m still giggling about it. Those guys are seriously ridiculous. Thanks so much for the commentary on their panel! It’s great for people who weren’t able to go. Sounds like it was a great event! Glad you had fun!

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