A Truly Delightful Afternoon!

This afternoon I found out the Illegal Curve ,a blog I enjoy reading on a semi-regular basis (it would be regular but I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the Caps blogs on a daily basis to branch out to other blogs every day), had chose US, your faithful and humble Hockey Chronicles to be the post they used to illustrate how good the Caps are at keeping in touch with their fan base. I couldn’t believe it; I mean Illegal Curve is a professional hockey blog they could have chosen from tons of fellow professional Capitals hockey blogs but they chose us! It was really delightful (and very distracting from my homework I was trying to do).

Considering Anna and I started this blog only back in May on a mere whim, I mentioned it vagually to Anna at school and I think she thought I was having one of my usual wild ‘talk a lot of game but don’t actually do’ ideas agian. Later that same afternoon your Hockey Chronicles was launched with nary a plan or idea of what the heck we’re about besides the Caps and hockey. Yet maybe what five months later we are quite smoothly moving along in the blog-o-sphere. This is our first major goings on (besides that whole “top 100 blogs about Chicago” thing which still confuses me.)  I had vagually putted the idea of a blog run by myself before that but I felt better with the idea of having another person help me out and balance out my mad cap rambles and keep the blog vagually organized.

It’s fairly surreal and I want to thank you guys for bothering to give us a try and sticking with us so far. And to reward you guys heres a picture from CapsCon:






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2 responses to “A Truly Delightful Afternoon!

  1. Hey guys, thanks for your kind words. Very nice of you, keep up the good work! I saw your blog on a blogroll and thought the name was awesome, so I checked it out.


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