My Fantasy Team; You Can Judge

So I recently joined a fantasy hockey league on a random Twitter induced whim. I have no idea what I am doing nor am I in a position to be worrying about it at the moment but we had the draft tonight and this is how your blogger cleaned up;

Sasha Semin
Jeff Carter
Boyd Gordon
Marian Gaborik
Matt Stajan
Nik Antropov
Alexei Ponikarovsky
Daymond Langkow
Kristian Huselius
Cam Barker
Victor Hedman
Jeff Schultz
Paul Martin
Milan Jurcina
Rich Peverley
Marek Svatos
Teddy Purcell
Karl Alzner
Chris Kelly
Semyon Varlamov
Brent Johnson
Rick Dipetro

Not terrible; Hedman I was particularly proud of snatching up surprisingly late in the draft, Sasha was my first pick, Varlamov also a good one, as much as some would argue with me Schultz is also in my books a good one. Some not so much with Johnson ,what the hell, I have no idea how that happened I was strolling down the list to bite the bullet and just choose Jose and some how I clicked Johnson and not by accident I don’t have any clue what happened but brain sent signal to finger and BOOM Johnson. After my chooses were snatched I started to grab people high on the list by looking at their roster pic and thinking “Oh he’s a little cutie I bet he needs a friend.” Some auto draft picked for me and I have NO clue who they are. My logic went to hell that I had come up with about five minutes before the draft started; I had the last pick and the picks were back to back and I panicked. But, for my first draft I thought I did okay.

Recently I found out that most likely since the twitter account of Nikita Filatov is fake this leads to me assume Commodore also. While this is no proof of this so far the nature of the Twitter and his to the FAKE Filatov and my own that he probably is. While this is both good to Commodore if it isn’t him because it means he’s not a meanie then he should also be very angry that this person was out there making me think he doesn’t like me. AND, I’m damn angry! I might not having a feud with Mike Commodore. That was one of the coolest things that had ever happened to me hockey related. What rottenness. I know friend of the blog Lulu of Hockey is my Boyfriend blog will be upset also because she was highly amused and inspired by these events.

I can’t stand fake accounts. I personally enjoy the parody ones. The blatantly ridiculous, funny and stated fake accounts. I admit I follow them and laugh at what they say but fake accounts people trying to seriously sell themselves as these players really anger me. I un-followed Filatov immediately on both my personal and the Chronicles accounts. I think “Commodore” blocked the Chronicles account any how (teehee) and I wasn’t following him on my personal. I rather encourage you to do the same but I’m not trying to be a fuddy duddy so do as you please my free willed friends.

If you’d like more information on this has a much more detailed post including lists of real, unsure, and fake accounts.

On a random thought if your wondering what I named my fantasy team it’s “Team Fudgeball” (I didn’t get Nicki in the draft because I made a huge ass of my self in the technology department and missed out; he was right there in my fingers and GAH!)


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