Grand Theft Suitcase

It was anything but a slow day in the Capitals and hockey world. You faithful blogger was unfortunately home to witness the many news events breaking via twitter because after having what I suspect may have been swine flu or another flu variant all last week, then getting well again in the nick of time to go to the convention, feeling good for two days, then waking up at four am this morning because she has apparently caught some stomach bug and because of all this was home again.

In Capitals news:

The team took their photo: (please note for your viewing pleasure Semin sitting in Green’s lap; adorable)

Chris Borque was put on waivers after being told he was on the team. If he clears he stays. Kind of sucks either way.

Sasha Semin; apparently a fan of the five finger discount:

In more Russian news Mr. Ambassador, Semyon, and Semin stopped by the Library of Congress to meet some Russian ambassadors visiting for a gala.

The guys went on a team building paintball trip and Jeff Schutlz wore shorts to it… moron.

Ovetjkin blog has a kind of mix and mash of Ovie news including a picture of Ovie in paintball gear:

Scarlet Caps is apparently going to be having some updates of sorts soon. I hope by updates they mean “new glamor shots for Meghan to laugh her ass off at” because other wise I don’t care.

Random news:
For those of you who receive Versus (for those that don’t because of the Direct TV craziness; I am aware several people who called and complained vividly to Direct TV customer service were given NHL Center Ice free I don’t know if this will work for you but trying never killed anybody) will have Slap Shot on at 8 pm and at various random times through out the day Wednesday until 10:30 pm presumably to celebrate hockey season.

NHL Shop recently put out their fall issue and I was looking through when I see on the t-shirt page you can order a “Steve Avery” Rangers shirt… I certainly would want it if it actually said Steve Avery.

Via straight from the horses mouth AKA Patrick Sharp and his all-access videos, and I am fairly sure I heard this right, said that they call Patrick Kane “Hello Peek-a-Boo”


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