First on a Sombre Note

Chris Bourque, who was put on waivers the other day, did not clear and was snatched up by the most hateful Penguins. While I was not totally upset unlike some people, Anna is a good example, I wasn’t pleased it was the Penguins. While I understand they probably actually needed a player like Bourque that lovely little paranoid part of me went oh this is the “F- you, Washington” move. Of course I don’t actually believe that. I was not really attached to Bourque, and risking inquiring the wrath of Anna who really liked him, I was never overly impressed with the little hobo who never really seemed to apply himself very much and seemed to think the name on his sweater gave him some preference. In the words of my father “He isn’t ever gonna be a player like his dad was.”

I, however, am baffled by the fact instead of calling Giroux or Aucoin up we are calling up Kane. I don’t know much about Kane but it annoys me Giroux was passed up again. He passed waivers.

At this point our cap conundrum and the fact Nyls is pretty much a major reason we didn’t keep Bourque (he was only seven thousand something over the cap) is going to pushed to the back of my mind. Season starts tomorrow and I am pleased as punch. However early today it, unfortunately, got me thinking;

I love the current Cap roster we have now. I am very attached to all the players. We keep about the same roster for two or three seasons now but with most of the UFAs and RFAs of last season having only signed one year contracts on the majority and Nicki and Semin coming up for renewal. I realize that even with both Jose and Nyls contracts coming to an end at the same time I can’t imagine that we can keep every one. Much like the Blackhawks of the western conference I know that even if we do keep Nicki and Semin our beloved “third” and “fourth” liners probably won’t stay. Players like Boyd Gordon may find themselves wearing another color next season; Jose or no Jose, Nyls or no Nyls, good season bad season. I’m guessing in the priority list of signing Nicki tops first and Semin comes second.

And I know both those two who seem extremely attached to the Capitals organization and their teammates, Ovie comes to mind, they will try rather hard to resign and if all goes well we will see our favorite Swede and Russian still rocking the red but our nitty-gritty under appreciated heart and soul guys may not. Lets just pray we don’t see them in the black and gold if we can’t see them in the red and white.

And on that somber depressing note I finish this post. Now when I got on the computer this afternoon I had planned on writing a post to celebrate the beginning of the new season tomorrow but the Bourque conundrum grabbed my attention first and its a little depressing. So I will post with in this evening about the crazy, weird, and down right bizarre search teams that lead people to the blog.

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