Search Terms: From Normal to Creepy

I enjoy the fact that WordPress keeps track of the website, links and search terms that refer people to the blog. Some are rather normal and some are rather odd. In some cases I can even help these questers of knowledge find what they are looking for;

And to celebrate the new season and give you all some chuckles here are search terms that range from normal to odd.

Staal brothers working on the farm:
Sorry I really can’t help you there.

Wearing yellow Crocs or Pittsburgh Penguins wear Crocs
I don’t know if the Pittsburgh Penguins formally wear crocs or if they are yellow.

Ebgeni Malkin and Nick Jonas
Ha way to spell his name wrong. Ten bucks says a little Jonas girl was googling it. And, yet I can actually answer this one
There you go searchers I assume you were looking for this.

Gerry Dee shirtless
I do NOT even want to see that.

Nicklas Backstrom shirtless
Once again: No thank you. But I found this:


Alex Semin shirtless photos

And look! Crocs… I’m creeped out too. Some one sent this to me.

Evgeni Malkin kissing hockey stick
I don’t know if Evgeni likes to make out with his hockey sticks. I hope not. But, as Cabbie says your stick is like your lady

Staal family cup
While if the Staals get more of their names on the cup its practically theirs however I am not aware if the Staals have their own replica or something. Though I’m sure they own like glasses to drink out of…

Bad pictures of Evgeni Malkin
Like this one? MY EYES!

Boyd Gordon Megan
I hope that’s his wife cause other wise you weirdos spelt my name wrong. Creepy either way.

Golf Wawota Canada Brooks Laich
There is just way to much going on there.

Semin Ovechkin bromance
Yes they do:

Brooks Laich shirt
Why yes he does wear shirts. Cougars every where are sad.

Evgeni Malkin child
I don’t know if they mean he has a child or what but odd for sure.

There were some more weirder ones but WordPress didn’t save them so I couldn’t look up the exact wording but the search term along the lines of “piggy back gay” came up once.

In other news:
Mike Commodore IS real! The feud LIVES ON!

Also the ESPN body issue where we get to objectify men and oggle them like many a magazine has done women for years and who do we get from the NHL? Zdeno Chara. I barfed a little. BAMBOOZLED!



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3 responses to “Search Terms: From Normal to Creepy

  1. Hilarious. It’s always a good time to see what people are snooping about.

  2. Kayla

    I watched about thirty seconds of that video and was amazed at that GIANT hockey stache. Rock on mustached mystery man (to me) rock on.

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