When a Penguins Fan has a Tryst

Rant on something that occurred to myself and Anna today;

Now I mentioned on Twitter, but not on the blog, that I could have sworn I saw my schools Spanish teacher, we’ll call him Mr. Peppers for all intents and purposes, at the Capitals Convention several times including in the autograph line I was in. However this made little sense to me seeing as he is flamboyantly supportive of the Pens. Anna told me I was crazy when I told her when we meet up after the autograph sessions and she continued to think I was crazy until we saw him together. We decided that maybe it wasn’t him because while he looked spot on this man wore Pens gear all the time and once came running giddily into my APUSH class to relate how his sister-in-law meet Sidney Crosby in a hotel lobby the night before to my teacher.

However I was sitting in the library today on the computer and I was wearing my Capitals jersey when Mr. Peppers who I’ve never spoken to before, or taken Spanish from came over and said jokingly “I hope someone gave you that shirt for free.”

“No.” I said point blankly not really in the mood to argue with a teacher/Pens fan and getting myself in to trouble seeing as I still have to stomach flu.

He kind of stared at my short answer then said to my friend who I guess he knows “You know friends don’t let friends wear Caps jerseys.”

“Hockey sucks anyway.” My friend a vehement soccer fan replied

Well then he asked me a question that just really pissed me off and made me bristle “So are you just wearing that shirt because you like it or are you an actual fan?”


“I’m a fan.” I said point blankly and firmly again trying to curb the many insults I could have hurled back. That just pisses me the hell off if it had been a kid and not a teacher I would of punched them.

And especially when he says this after asking me that “You know I went to the CAPITALS CONVENTION-”

Anna looks at me and I give her an ‘I told you so look’

“We were there too.” she says

“Oh! You guys were?” he asks us a couple questions about what autograph session we had “Oh me too” when I say Semin and Nyls (once again I told you so Anna) and tells us Anna and I should get a team together for the annual dodge ball tournament because this year the Capitals sent them some stuff for prizes then goes on his merry “Penguins loving” way.

What an ass. I mean don’t get me wrong he was being perfectly nice but the guy stands there and insinuates I’m a band wagoner who only knows the name of one man on the team (aka Ovie) at first (then after my barely curbed smart ass comments start to sway him to the fact I’m not Anna schools him because he points at her and says in his best “lightening round” voice “Who are they playing tonight?” “Bruins, 7 o’Clock, Versus” she replies with out hesitation and he walks away looking impressed by our awesome-ness) then says he went to the Caps convention.

I DON’T GET IT. Why would you do that when not only the team has a rivalry but you generally promote that rivalry. Why would you spend your cash on something like that. AND I SAW YOU MR. PEPPERS IN THE WEAGLE BALL CAP.

I mean sure if I one day lived in say, Chicago, and the tickets were forty bucks then sure I would go but I like the Blackhawks. They do not have a cool blooded rivalry that I not only promote but uphold. I bleed red and white, sir and madams, and you would NOT find me within twenty feet of a Penguins convention let alone spending my good hard earned cash on it.

So I don’t get it. I’m not bashing Penguins fans either. My good friend Larry and more importantly her very devoted Penguins fan of a father Mr. Larry would NEVER ever ever have anything to do with a Capitals ANYTHING. I admire this devotion in Mr. Larry; in any fan, of any team. I just don’t understand why a fan would do this. Sure you could argue for its the love of hockey in general. But I don’t buy that.

Your married to your team even when you don’t live by them having a tryst with the (and forgive me Capitals this is not directly reflecting on you) the two bit floozy who lives up the street because their closer and its for the love doesn’t make it any the less wrong.

For shame Mr. Peppers for shame. If I had ever taken your Spanish class then I would say the same in Espanol.

And if ANYONE EVER EVER EVER insinuated I’m a band wagoner because I’m a teenager and I’m a girl and a Capitals fan to me again; well I don’t need you D-bags to know that I’ve been a hockey fan since I was eight. I KNOW how devoted I am and I KNOW how long and I KNOW my team like no other (and your team probably I am a general scholar of hockey knowledge).

And that’s the only person who matters and you other fans who people insinuated are band-wagoners (or puck bunnies) just because you’re a young or a female or new to the sport or the team well take it to heart; you have nothing to prove. The team knows your love.

So I don’t know why a Pens fan decided to go to a Cap Convention. Some things perhaps I will never know.

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One response to “When a Penguins Fan has a Tryst

  1. Kayla

    OH YEAH! I’m totally mentioned in this one. SCORE! Or should I say GOOOAAAAAALLLLL!

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