Epic/Epic Fail: Not Another One!

A run down of recent events and their placement of a scale of epic to epic fail:

Nicklas Backstrom has his own website; http://www.backstrom19.com


BABY FUDGEBALL! He’s so cute! What a little nugget! (thank you too many episodes of Chelsea Lately)

I love it for giving me this photo even if there is, what I’m sure Mike Green would agree, a criminal lack of bling.

Epic Fail:


Yes, Meghan there is a Santa Claus. And, if your a good little girl he WON’T bring you this for Christmas: Washington Capitals Snuggie. This disturbing image is brought to you by Google and the flu.

Some what irrelevant yet epic no?

Jose Theodore did you get you get surgery this summer? A head-out-of-ass-appendectomy perhaps? Well what ever you did keep it up. (I enjoy that picture looks like Kobasew is getting a smack down)

Epic Fail:
I used Photoshop to make an epic graphic for Bruins V. Caps season opener and my computer I had it on self imploded and I couldn’t show it to you. Hence Senior fail whale.


I miss Brashear. Nice to give Marc the one that his brothers could give him the most crap about. Letterman not that funny as usual. I just enjoy looking at Henrik Lundqvist.

Epic Fail:
Some thing about this photo just really creeps me out. I thinks its Pens Staal. He looks dazed (and by dazed I mean was hitting the happy juice) and way too old to be hanging out with the other four. And whoever the guy in the black shirt is. He looks like a even more mutant version of Crosby. Like a experiment in Lemieux’s evil cloning laboratory went terribly wrong…

PS. Pen’s Staal nice shirt. Go buy a big boy shirt.

Two search terms that came up today that were too good to pass up telling you all about:
Bruce Laich

… I don’t know. Maybe some Bostonian cougar got confused.

Evgeni Malkin Chin

You creepers are freaks. (unless you who googled this reads our blog then you’re a lovely well adjusted person) Chin? What? And, I use this picture because I can.

Patrick Sharp called Adam Burish his “other girlfriend”
Balls in your court Ovechkin and Semin. We can’t have those Blackhawks upstaging your bromance.

Oh look I had to double up on epics. Must have been a pretty good hockey week then.


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One response to “Epic/Epic Fail: Not Another One!

  1. Kayla

    I don’t know about you. But a snuggy, regardless of it’s hockey affiliation seems pretty toasty right about now. It’s a winner in my book.

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