It Being Past Nicklas’ Bedtime Is Still No Excuse


So this is what the first two periods were like last night because it was highway robbery. The Capitals played like a mature, confident, and proven team. The poor little illiterate Leafs (I really have a soft spot for them) couldn’t get the puck in the net and Varl-a-monster had some excellent saves when ever they almost did. I had one stupid grin on my face. Then the third period.

Ah and those boys are back. Yeah the nappy time boys. Sand man squad. Meh.

Upon seeing the Leafs Finnish goalie in action I have a feeling even if ‘the monster’ failed to impress somebody is not going to be the starting goalie for much longer.

Drusy-Gold-Star-1a.gif Big sparkly gold star to Brooksie. For the obvious reason of kicking offensive butt and how cute is it that in the post game interview his talking about how he watched Mr. Fedorov “like a hawk” because he wants to be just like him. I will begrudgingly admit not a bad person to emulate. It could be worse; he could hero worship Nlys (Oh god the chill down my spin)

We play the Flyers on Tuesday. Bad luck on my non-hockey fan of a sisters part; its her birthday. Not that I don’t ignore her birthday anyways. Don’t judge me.

So now I’m going to go have to watch the Redskins pre game because Fudgeball, Mr. Ambassador, and Senior Bachelor (with Bruce) are at the game. I hate “football” (not to sound like a Euro prick because I’m not European but I just know football as soccer) but I love my boys so I can’t help it. Lets hope their attempts (well Ovie apparently made it twice) at kicking field goals get on You Tube because I missed all but Mike’s. I’ll see Chris Cooley whose always trying to be Ovie’s bromance (too late sir that position is filled).

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