BFFF’s Nicki and Ovie

Sunday evening after a long and tiring day I was sitting on the couch, relaxing, watching the second day of the ‘Married with Children’ marathon and trying to remember what happened to that guy “Mr. Rhoades” who was on the show in the beginning because I found him annoying and liked “Jefferson Darcy” much better (I have a snazzy Sunday indeed). I saw there was an article about the boys who went to that afternoons Redskins game on the Sports Bog website which I am quickly beginning to actually like despite my dislike of the Post. Now I actually watched a bit of this game because Ovie, Nicki, Green and Bruce were there and saw Green try to kick a field goal and hit the post.

So I opened it up on my interweb browser thinking “This will be a hardly interesting; some one will ask the usual boring questions and they’ll give the standard cliches”

Boy was I wrong because of this hilarious and heartwarming little nugget brought to you by every ones favorite little Fudgeball.
Eventually, though, the mics turned back on Green and Backstrom, and they were forced to answer questions. Like, here was Backstrom, on his choice of a Sean Taylor jersey.

“Actually, I got Ovie’s,” Backstrom said. “I was sleeping over at Ovie’s house [Saturday] night, so I just got his jersey. I usually wear Santana Moss. He’s a catcher, right?”

I was dying. How cute is that? Seriously I was literally “lol-ing” or “rotfl-ing”. I don’t even know where to start on how absolutely adorable that is. I mean Backstrom doesn’t even know that he probably shouldn’t be admitting two grown men were having a sleep over like two teenage girls.

Really our team has the best personality. And, honestly haven’t you (at least you girls) ever thought I wonder if those boys have team sleepovers and watch movies and other girlie adorable stuff? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Ahh I’m sure they don’t! Ohh but they do at least the adorable man-child ones.

I bet they watch movies, and play video games, make a few prank calls:

“Hello, Mike Green.”

“Ist your frid-e-a-ter ruhning?” *giggle*


“… no…” *hangs up*

Maybe go TP Laich’s yard… blow up a mail box. (What? like you people haven’t done that… don’t judge me) Though I’m sure Nicki’s that kid whose all “Lets stay up ALL night” and then is passed out by ten.

It’s really quite adorable. I’d like to think other hockey players do that; Seriously like you can’t imagine Toews and Kaner having a sleep over?

It really made my evening and morning. Though my Pen’s fan friend, relating how she was watching the ‘Skins with her dad was pretty funny. She saw Ovie on the side line and made the sarcastic comment to her father

“Hey look its the cave mans brother.”

“… I think that’s actually Ovie.” Her dad said Crosby loving weirdo he is.


If you want to read the adorable-ness in person or hear Green give some stupid ‘haha ain’t I cool’ answers check it out here:

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