Mike Green: Smoothest Man Alive?

Hardly. This video: http://sbnation.com/e/835669 shows dearest Senior Bachelor face putting his best(?) moves on two ladies at the Redskins game. He has his arm draped across Nicklas like “Hell if they recognize him I better make sure they know I’m with him then.” and says in that voice that drips of high school “So you guys like hockey?” I can hardly resist imagining him with bushy eyebrows which he then wriggles. He doesn’t of course because he was suspiciously well groomed eye brows.

But perhaps the best part is the expression of the on the one girls face like “Who is this dork? Why are you talking to me? And, what is with that stupid hat?” (okay perhaps the last bit was all me; what the hell Green it was 80 degrees out on Sunday) It was certainly one of the more amusing things I’ve ever seen (of course it does not top the Backstrom sleeping over at Ovies house thing which was criminally left out of the video) I almost suspect the other girl had some idea who they were. He smoothly (haha right) mentions they know some hockey players and they were at the game the night before “right on the ice. Awesome” Face palm. Just face palm.

Mike Green who we all have suspect of being a bit of tool rather confirmed it. However he also made him look like so much of a dork I rather can’t but like him a little again. He’s an idiot but he’s a dorky idiot. But still he is an IDIOT. *mutters under breath* IDIOT

And, poor Nicklas probably completely lost to the nuances(?) of the adult world. Probably thinking “Mike you’re an idiot. If Ovie was here… well Mike you’re just an idiot.”

It’s okay Mike we all still like you; as a friend.



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