I Dare You Not to Laugh!

If you are not on Twitter you really should be because with out Twitter I’d never have this from @_tiffanyrenee:

Thank you, you need not a comment I’m sure. Plus Twitter makes watching hockey more fun if you like discussing the game and being in general smart asses together. You might get lucky and an opposing fan will start to argue with you. I don’t know how I lived with out Twitter. Join. Follow me and the Chronicles. It’ll make you feel like you have friends.

Don’t despair kids, the Caps lost but it was a well played game. Chin up; Sasha was great, Ovie as great and more importantly Jose was good?! WAS?! (that’s German for WHAT?!)


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2 responses to “I Dare You Not to Laugh!

  1. tiffany

    i’m honored to be mentioned on the blog and i love tweeting during game time with you guys! and if you happen to find a video of angry brooksie from tonight please post it because…uh yeah, i’m a creep.

  2. thehockeychronicles

    Haha when it comes to Brooksie we’re all creepers! And, I love talking on Twitter during the games; I don’t know what I did before! Probably annoyed the hell out of my family. -Meghan

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