Two Certain Russians Not in My Good Books

Brumhurmhurm… I don’t know what to say that you don’t already know; what you haven’t already read/thought. I wish I could say I’m NOT frustrated with the Caps. I’m much to logical to feel frustrated with it being only the fourth game of the regular season. But, that’s two games in a row they lost to one of the ONLY three teams I don’t like as in HATE. Those are the Rags, the Pens, and the Flyers. Two out of three. I’m just feeling upset with the Caps because I freaking KNOW they can play much better than that.

Gordon is going to annoy me. I have constantly backed up the fact he is under rated and here he is playing like I’ve never seen him play before; like shit.

The only people I’m not angry with are Nicki and Jose. Yeah Jose, you read it right, he played well considering our defense collapsed like a house of cards. Nicklas did so well considering.

They were just being so damn cute. Semin and Ovie kept passing! WHAT THE HELL BOYS? Sharing is caring and all but I hope Bruce freaking kicks your butts. They kept passing when they should have taken it up the middle. I could have killed those two. I really could have.. I am so mad at those two you have no idea. I have never been so mad at Semin and Ovie at the same time. NEVER. I’m fuming at those two idiots. I think I’m misplacing all my anger on those two but they deserve part of it.

Maybe its the fact I have mono and a sinus infection and my stomach is aching because little known fact; mono makes your spleen swell. Maybe I am blowing my emotions well out of proportion which does not happen often but I’m just disgusted by the way they played. Disgusted. Maybe it’s because every time we play the Rangers I miss Fedorov, my used to be favorite NHL player since I was little, much more than usual. And we play Detroit next game so that will be redoubled. This week or so I’m just a hockey mess.

I let this game go. I metaphorically burn a symbolic symbol of this game.What ever my dears. We’ll see how we look on Saturday before we start getting worried, yes? I trust Bruce to work them to the bone in practice.


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