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You all know that I, Meghan, am a Capitals fan. Obviously. If you hadn’t noticed you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. But, you all probably don’t know that I am a rather large UW Badgers men’s hockey fan.. In fact I’ve been a UW fan a lot longer than I have been a Capitals fan. I named my black and white rabbit ‘Bucky’ in the mascots honor. (though on the flip side I also named a kitten I found and took in a while back ‘Olie’ after my favorite goalie so it evens out)

See even if I had only lived in Wisconsin for a year and a half I really fell in love with their college hockey. I lived in a little (but quickly expanding) border town a half hour away from Madison so following college hockey was much easier to do then following NHL hockey; Chicago the closet team being two hours away and the Blue Jackets who I felt some allegiance towards being the first team I saw live being even farther.

And seeing as I lived practically in Illinois ice hockey wasn’t the big deal you would expect it to be in a small Wisconsin town. Perhaps if I had lived about an hour north it would have been but I can’t say that it was where I lived. No big local high school teams or anything basketball and football being more popular. I can’t say anyone even mentioned hockey to me once besides the neighbor across the street with the Bucky the Badger mail box. I didn’t know one person who played it thought I knew there was an ice rink. In fact I know more people who play/like hockey here than I did there.

And, on the 16th the Badgers play their first game against Colorado College. From what I’ve read the Badgers will be doing well this year. They are projected to go third in their division.

I can’t unfortunately follow them too closely. The last time I saw a televised game was when Adam Burish, of the Blackhawks, lead the team as captain to the sixth championship title. (which is one of the reason I like him so much) So it’s been a while. Not that I didn’t watch that game about seven times because the college channel, that I got at the time but alas no more, showed the game about seven times and I wasn’t sleeping much at the time anyway.

So you may find yourselves readers with a little more college hockey coverage then you expected from the blog. I love this little old town even if I only lived there for a bit its probably second in my heart only to Boston and the Badgers are closely tied to it.

(Oh but hold on I just found out spurred by this post that the town has gotten its own NAHL team this year! How exciting!)

And in Capitals news heres a fun top ten involving Ovies off ice antics. Thanks to Kuklas Korner for this;


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