A Letter of Unbearable Frustration

It has been awhile since I have found the time to post. Unfortunately, I come bearing a rant:

Dear Washington Capitals,

You began the season with promise. The win over Boston was successful and clean. The promise began to falter after giving up a 6-1 lead over Toronto. You won, so I forgave you. But now… You have lost to Philadelphia and New York (two of my LEAST favourite teams), and after tonight’s loss to Detroit, I’m really have to say: Get Your Shit Together. There may be a lot of buzz over the potential of this season; Washington has become a hockey city and the general consensus is that it is our time, but none of that means anything if you don’t TRY. You do not win a fucking STANLEY CUP by taking ridiculous penalties and making bullshit moves. Just because you have a lead does not mean you can slack off! If you want to prove all the critics out there, who accuse you guys of simply resting on the talent of Alexander Ovechkin, then GET OUT THERE AND FUCKING DO IT! I do not and will not accept such reckless and careless playing.

Greener: Stop making excuses. Maybe you’re playing shitty because you’re being stupid! Stop blaming equipment.

Ovie and Sasha: There is nothing wrong with passing. Teamwork is always key, but passing when you have the chance to shoot is a completely ridiculous move.

Defense: How about helping the goalies a little?

Theodore: You have been playing well. Extremely well. You have pulled some amazing saves out of nowhere. For once, I do not blame the losses on you. You cannot be expected to block the shots when no one else is helping. You have now made it to my good list (one of the only Capitals players left, to be honest); please try to stay on it.

From, Anna

I could say a lot more, and use a lot of obscenities, and be a lot more pissed off. But I do not have the time or energy to do so. I have become to emotionally invested in these stupid boys to function well after three straight losses. Tomorrow, I will come bearing an amusing tale and (hopefully) some lighthearted news. Until then.

– Anna


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