Capitals @ Redwings: Rant

So these post game posts need a little more structure. While I’m not sure how to make it so I’ve been looking at other blogs to see how they do it and I’ve gotten a couple ideas. I’m going to look more into it but for now they shall be as ramble-ly as usual.

Mike Green the excuses for your continuing slump are adding up as we speak “Its my sticks.” “I need my old gloves.” “WAH WAH WAH” (okay that last one is obviously me) Whatever Mike Green maybe you just suck. Maybe you should man up and fix whats wrong instead of trying to find a magic cure all. I find it hard to believe the very impressive, not a tool, Mike Green who we all knew and loved isn’t still in their some where. Maybe you need to stop acting like you are and go back to being the adorable little humble-ish Canadian kid we all knew.

Alexander Semin, GROW UP. God you’re like a five year old! Even got the, albeit adorable, “I’m in the time out chair” looks on your face when they show you in the box down pat. I’m getting freaking sick of it. This whole being my favorite Caps thing isn’t going to work if you keep acting like this. And freaking stop passing! Stop being the red headed step child of Ovie and freaking take a shot instead of trying to get it to him and you tell Ovie the same because he keeps trying to pass it to you! This isn’t ‘Hot Potato’ boys.

You can’t score if you don’t shoot. You forced me to resort to cliche; IT’S JUST THAT BAD.

While I’m know this is only the fourth game of the season its three games too many of you guys acting, once again, like you don’t want this. Like you don’t want to compete, like you don’t want to win. I’m really frustrated with this. You guys talk about how much you want to win and then you don’t back it up. I can’t honestly figure it out.

You guys have me so frustrated I can honestly say that not only is Jose no longer my most hated Cap (well second most hated) he is quickly climbing the ranks. He is trying even if you aren’t. (Albeit the defense did better.)

Poor Bruce really seems to be at the end of his rope with you all. I hope he gets really tough on you guys because none of his usually effective techniques appear to be working. And, I mean tough; like the stuff you see in old army/westerns movies. Standing still on the top of poles for hours on end type of discipline. Gulag type of punishment. In the words of Red Forman “Do you know how they punish people in Russia? First offense; five years in Siberia, Second offense TEN years in Siberia; third offense? Well trust me, Son, there are no third offenders.” No offense, Sasha, Siberia seem very nice even if Dostoevsky begs to differ. (I watch too much television/read too much)

And, don’t give me any excuse about you guy’s ‘high expectations’. Quite a few other teams have high expectations. Lord and Readers forgive me but look at the freaking Penguins. Their the foils of our team! They have exceedingly high expectations on not only their “star” player but the entire team. So don’t give me any excuses like that.

Get it out of your systems now because if you don’t get it out soon… well I have no threat to back that up. It’s not like I can quit you. I may not watch a game or two but even that’s a stretch. Hell I couldn’t even stop watching the games when they go down hill. I am, unfortunately, a little too attached to the team to give up. Just do it. For all the fans well beings.


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