Yes I Am Still Talking About it

Listening to the Bears game this evening made me wish something. I wish we could just send whoever we wanted down to Hershey. No two way contracts or consent needed. Just exile them. Just to beat some humility in to the boys ever once in a while.

I’d like to send several of our defense men down to Hershey and bring Carlson and Alzner up. They would appreciate it and it would make the boys up here try just a little more. Like, when your teacher in elementary school would threaten to send you down the hall to the kindergarten classes when you get some thing wrong. (I hope someone else’s teacher did this) Not that they necessary would but if your being a REALLY big ass then yes back to kindergarten you go for a hour (aka a game).

I like it. I’m pretty sure it would KILL some of the guys to have to go down there (Semin) and they probably wouldn’t do what sent them down there again (take stupid penalties).. Of course we can’t actually do it but it’s nice to dream sometimes.


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