As Usual It Falls to Me to Be the Calm Voice of Reason

Kids, I miss Fedorov. He would of thrown out a couple reassuring phrases that you know every one else is saying, Joe B and Locker, sportscasters, your mom, your cousin who made the mistake of calling you after the game, your friends, bloggers but no one believes it even the people who are saying it but if Sergei says it then every ones like “OHHHHHHHH he’s so right! Hey, Bob isn’t he so right?”

So maybe the whole self implosion for the vets leaving wasn’t so much on the team as the fans. I know the teams doesn’t seem to be doing so great either but the fans are about to pull their hair out. Not that I’m much better I’m rather convinced Semin is going to suck forever and never get better even if the team does. He’s plateaued! The sky is falling!

Yeah okay. Sorry but even if the Capitals are over; even if they can only suck from here hence I couldn’t actually quiet them. Even if we never won a game ever again. Ever. For eternity. I started to like them before they were good so I’m not expecting much. Keep up the good work boys!

I also found out that I’m apparently a huge masochist. I find myself liking with increasing undeniable unexplainable love the Maple Leafs? Why? I can’t tell you why. I really can’t. I like the underdog I guess. Maybe? I’m following their games (ohhhh the Rangers ow ow ow not good) I know the players names some what. I think they might be my secret boyfriend team for this season (don’t tell the Capitals). I didn’t have one last year so its about time to get one. Stajan got benched for the next game (NO!) Poni scored a goal in the last game (Fantasy team WIN) Toskala is benched with a tweaked knee (WOOT!), but Jonas has a tweaked groin (I like the nickname Down Goes Brown gave him “twitter groin” and NO!) but they got some kid name Macdonald playing (so yeah?).

The Blackhawks had an AMAZING game. I didn’t see the entire game even though it was on Versus because it started during the Caps game and then I missed some of the third while I stuffed my Capitals irritated emotions with a cupcake.

So that’s three teams I’m following? How do you all who do this regularly with one or two or three teams do it? I’ve only ever been a one team girl. I still am I can’t yet bring myself to buy another teams shirt. I feel guilty. First guilty for liking the Blackhawks when I love the Capitals but then also guilty for the Capitals AND the Blackhawks for liking the Leafs. Am I a bad fan? I don’t think so. I mean like I said I’m completely devoted to the Caps so rooting for a two teams we hardly ever play isn’t bad is it?

Dear Jose Theodore,
I know I kind of hate you. For some many things. I know I said that even if you ever became good I would never ever like you but I’m a huge hypocrite. I am liking you. You are doing such a good job. It also look like you’re also growing a mustache. That’s cool. Especially since you’re kind of old so you can probably actually grow a real one. Your personality still seems to leave something wanting but even that seems to be improving. It seems that perhaps just maybe you put on the big boy pants. If you could step it up just a little more and act like the veteran you technically are I would be hard pressed NOT to like you. But for now I’m really conflicted because I don’t like being a hypocrite and I really did say I would NEVER EVER like you. I CAN’T like you. But, who knows.

Maybe Love from your faithful blogger,


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