Weird and Wacky Search Terms 2

And so we bring back weird and wacky search terms! What have people been searching for lately you ask? Well first:

Last installment we saw that apparently a burning question on minds every where was if the Pittsburgh Penguins wore Crocs and if they were yellow. Well Krafty of Rock the Red gave us an assist and:


Mystery solved! Pen’s fans rejoice. (sorry you had to see that everyone else)

hockey Versteeg vs Laich

As far back as I can remember they haven’t fought and I You Tube’d it and nada. So as far as I know nope.

Shirtless Alexei

You have got to be more specific creepers. Which Alexei?

Theodore cry in hallway hockey

Assuming you mean Jose Theodore I hope not. Otherwise very intriguing…

Though when I saw this picture I started laughing so hard I almost cried…

Cabbie Learning Swedish

The video is on the Score website I would link but my computer is being a butt so look for yourself.

Nicklas Backstrom Super Swede shirt

There isn’t one! After I saw that I looked and I couldn’t find one. Some of you creative Photoshop users should make one and put if on Cafepress or Zazzle make some money. I’d buy it.

Music Brooks Laich listens to

At the Caps Convention, oh googling cougars, he said his favorite band was AC DC (and Brads said his was Pearl Jam and Stecks said… crap I can’t remember but you cougars probably don’t care about them)

Ps. Brooksie what the hell at the panel you said you don’t like chocolate and then in an SI interview you said you’re favorite vending machine snack is chocolate! You’re making me look like a fool. I assume you only eat out of a vending machine like once a year anyways so that probably explains that. Fatty… *hangs head* I’m sorry Brooks you’re not a fatty; promise.

See? (some cougar just died)

Niklas Backstrom girlfriend

I dunno; I hope not he doesn’t seem old enough yet.

Except for Sasha, Ovie, Brooksie and bit

Um what?

What Staal brothers are married

Because Anna is djinn of all things Staal for the blog I know that Eric is the only one.

Alex Semin girlfriend

Dunno but someone did send me this the other day: (why do people send me all this crap? I love you my hockey friends!)


Does that answer any questions? Probably not. Thanks Deviant Art and friend who found it.

On that same thread: Semin Ovie lap


And that is all the recent wacky and weird seach terms!


Mike GreenGreenLife52 Tyson and Evander on oprah incredible. Anyone see it
20 minutes ago from Twittelator

I saw this early this afternoon… he watches Oprah… TEEHEE!


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3 responses to “Weird and Wacky Search Terms 2

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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