Because If I Don’t Tell It, Anna Will

Braden Holtby has had quite the crazy weekend. But, I for one am glad he’s being sent back down because that means Anna can stop teasing me. She will forever make fun of me when ever Holtby is mentioned. I don’t think the story is even that amusing; maybe it’s because it’s on me and maybe you all will find it as amusing Anna. Or maybe you’ll agree with me but here you are;

You see I told you all about how we walked out behind and rode in the elevator with the four prospects at Rookie Camp earlier in September. And it was Cody Eakin, John Carlson Braden Holtby and another prospect that neither of us can remember.

Well, I told you all how Braden Holtby was rather rude and didn’t bother to hold the door for me when I was walking out behind him so I pretty much got almost hit in the face TWICE.

Well, Anna was quick to point out at the time, after she read my post, that I had left one little detail of this story out. And, yes I did because well it didn’t seem important and yes it was slightly embaressing.

You faithful readers know I’m not the best at that whole anger management thing and so when Holtby let a heavy glass door almost smash my face (twice) (in a row) I well; I admit I raised my voice at him, Anna says I fairly yelled, something along the lines of;

“Oh that’s okay! Don’t be polite and hold the door! I don’t NEED THIS FACE ANYWAYS!”

And, the second time something about him being rude AND deaf though I said that part more to Anna and I doubt he heard it (okay now that I’m telling it I’m starting to see why everyone finds it hilarous; I’m such a dumb ass)

I know I said it loud enough for him to hear me Anna looked rather embarresed after I did it

“He probably heard you!” she hissed after the first set of doors and we were walking behind them

“Good!” I said “He was supposed!”

Anna gave me a look like Why do I go anywhere with you?

Well I didn’t think it was too big of a deal I mean sure I had just scolded someone in public but come on! Even in Canada it’s common curtesy to hold a door open for someone so they don’t get hit in the face! Was it that wrong of me?

And, Anna will give no end to the grief. Anybody brings up Holtby and she has to tell the story. People bring up hockey; Anna has to tell the story. I mean even non-hockey fans get to hear the story she finds it so endlessly amusing. My father got to hear this story. I can only think of two people we both know who have not heard this story. The kid who sits behind us in a class got to hear this story. Anna thinks it’s hilarous probably because I usually keep to myself and I really don’t have that many amusing embaressing stories to tell while I can think of several I could tell of Anna so she’s happy to tell some on me when EVER possible.

Like I said I don’t think it’s that funny; I’m biased of course and yes I admit while I once described the action as casually raising my voice and I was being a major sarcastic smart ass (as usual) I would have done it to anyone. Hell I’ve done to others not hockey players or prospects of course which is probably why Anna (and everyone else I know) thinks it’s so funny. Maybe the way Anna tells it is funnier (maybe it’s my outraged “I didn’t say it that LOUD!”‘s if she tells it and I’m there)

Maybe you got a chuckle out of it; maybe you thought “This is why Mike Commodore and you have a feud Meghan! Oh when will you learn?” or maybe you thought “This is boring! Why am I still reading this?” I am sorry if that is so.


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