Well This Is When One of Those Life Things Would Come In Handy

No Capitals hockey until Thursday. Ugh. And, looking over the Versus schedule not exactly scintillating stuff for a Caps fan; Rangers and Penguins. And while the fact at this very moment the Sharks are wiping the floor with the Rags which tickles me pink, I am dedicating my unusual amount of wasteful week day evening to getting some work done and actually watching some of my favorite shows that I usually have to Hulu one lazy weekend instead of actually watching the game.

I am not crazy about all this random week day free time. I mean what does one do on a week day evening? When it’s cold and dark by five. Usually I have two days of hockey and the rest are for scrambling to do the work I put off for hockey. Only one day of hockey towards the end of the week rather confuses me. I guess I can catch up on my reading.

In other news happy 26th birthday Boyd Gordon! If Bradley tells you he has a special birthday surprise you run the other way.

And little Cody Eakin got in a fight! And, he kicked ass. See here:


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