Squeaking In Under the Cap

Well, he was picked as a favorite by both your Chronicles bloggers after seeing him in both Development Camp and Rookie Camp and Cody Eakin has signed himself to a three year entry contract. Assuming he’ll come play for Hershey, or perhaps even the Stingrays, but I would like very much for him to get a call up by the end of the season and I’m quite sure he will especially considering all the players begging to drop on to IR for a game or two with little injuries.

Looks like Anna won’t be needing to spend money on that Swift Current Broncos shirt after all. (and, trust me if her computer hadn’t broken again she would be on here freaking out with happiness but since it has it is up to me to tell you all how very happy we but especially Anna is.)

Now I can’t say I have ever talked about the Tampa Bay Lightening on here at least not that I can remember. Can’t say I give much a crap about them, no offense they don’t exactly plague my mind with interest or worry. Not that I don’t like them and after what I heard about their practices I must say their all female hockey fans new favorite teams, if you catch my drift, because I kid you not and I swear I’m not even exaggerating they were playing “naked shoot out” in practice. I’m sure you can guess the rules. I’m hoping this was a closed practice or that the people had more than left at that point. I think of all the male fans horror. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, ST.LOUIS!


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One response to “Squeaking In Under the Cap

  1. hitormiss89

    Actually (as much as I wish we could see him in Hershey this year), I don’t think he’s coming up to either SC or Hershey. I was reading on Japers’, and one of the guys said that the three years doesn’t really go into effect until next year or something, and the organization probably did it just to get out of the way. http://www.japersrink.com/2009/10/20/1091941/tuesday-caps-clips-getting-healthy#comments

    I don’t know if he’s allowed to be in Hershey atleast because last year, Delly had to go to SC after his Junior season was over because of his age or something. I don’t know. All of that is too complex for me. 😛

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